Quotes For People Making The Most Of Quarantine

So how's everyone's quarantine going?

I mean, technically, this hasn't been a real "quarantine" for most people, unless they've actually contracted COVID-19 or have been in contact with someone who has, but definitions have gotten as fluid as the calendar lately.

Whatever you're personally calling it or whatever phase of lockdown your locality is currently in, things are certainly weird this year.

Divorced from context, you could look at 2020 and just see a whole lot of people hanging out at home.

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As we all know, that's very much oversimplified and barely even true. For every person who is simply not working and doesn't have other obligations, there are many more who are trying to work from home, or homeschool children, or stock grocery shelves, or treat those who are sick.

And regardless of which you are, we're all feeling the stress and anxiety of collective, ongoing trauma.

This year has made it very clear that we as a society, as *humans*, are not in control.

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Since the dawn of civilization, we've tried to corral the world into something we can control and then worked even harder to make it efficient, but as 2019 drew to a close, the universe was gearing up to slap us with a big dose of reality.

We're not in control of anything, except our own response to what life throws at us.

Be it catastrophic fires, global pandemics, or murder hornets, the universe doesn't care about our preferences.

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We're all in this together and yet we also need to stand six feet apart whenever possible. It's practically an oxymoron.

So just do what you can, help those you can, and don't be a dick to people.

Now may be a great time to try a new hobby or break a bad habit.

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Or it could be the absolute worst time for you to attempt either of those options. The urge to get things done may ebb and flow or it may just never materialize.

That's okay. Right now, the only thing expected of any of us is to get through this the best we can. If that means coming out the other side having gained a "Quarantine 15" and nothing left to watch on Netflix, so be it.