Quotes For When The Only Response Is 'Well, That Sucks'

Sometimes you get out of bed and the universe has clearly decided that today isn't going to be your day.

I had one of those last week where my home WiFi decided to just give up, my laptop randomly crashed while I was trying to tidy up spilled coffee, and all the while a neighbor was using a jackhammer for hours to tear out a driveway.

I did my best to muscle through and not let the universe defeat me, but boy, did that day just plain suck.

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I just had to suck it up, order a new router for next-day delivery, and brute force my way through the work day by constantly turning the flakey router off and then on again.

There came a point where I refused to be defeated by whatever force out there was trying to prank me.

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I got through the work day without sacrificing too much productivity to the WiFi gods, crossed a few chores off the to-do list, and then treated myself to a takeout for dinner.

This isn't to say that on another day I wouldn't have thrown in the towel, called in sick, and gone right back to bed.

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Seriously, if it weren't for the jackhammer making a nap impossible, I may have given into that impulse.

I mean, the day could have gone a whole lot worse.

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At least I had my phone connection as a last resort if the router completely died and my laptop was just a random crash. Nothing seems to have been affected by it.

So it was just a sucky day and not an overly expensive one — save for the new router, which is now installed and working great! Yay!

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