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A Company Turned A Vintage Camper Into A Chic Mobile Bar

If there's one thing that is for certain, it's that everyone loves a bit of nostalgia. When thinking back to the "good old days," we're always looking for those vintage feels that bring us back down memory lane to when things were different. Luckily, companies are cashing in on that longing feeling for nostalgia and vintage goods, and teaming up with some of our favorite products — like alcohol!

The California Cocktail Camper is the best of both worlds.

The company combines the sweet taste of nostalgia with the deliciousness of signature cocktails to bring a party right to your door. The company truly is one of a kind.

The camper can be booked for parties and events for up to 1,000 people!

The team at California Cocktail Camper are trained bartenders and drink experts that come stocked with all of the drinks you want to get your hands on pronto. Plus, the camper is absolutely adorable.

"Goldie," the camper, has a lot of personality.

According to the company's site:

"Goldie is a pretty little 1962 Shasta Camper that has been lovingly restored to goodness and is a mobile bar on wheels, based in Santa Cruz County. Goldie is a good time and a mellow yellow friend all wrapped into one and is the perfect addition to any event."

They can even develop custom cocktails for your special party.

The camper comes stocked with alcohol and the bartenders and team members can even make signature and original drinks. What better way to make your wedding or birthday party that much cooler?