17+ Moments That Made Us Go ‘Were You Born Yesterday?’

There are few things better than seeing someone who is truly gullible fall for something that is blatantly obvious.

From people who accidentally adopted racoons to those who naively bought kids wildly inappropriate gifts, please enjoy these 17+ moments that made us go, "Were you born yesterday?"

"What a cutie this little kitty is!"

Reddit | Cwisypoo

In fairness, someone did point out that baby racoons are indeed called "kits". So, that's something I guess.

"Oh, How Naive..."

Reddit | TheBoy88

At first I was thinking that there was no way that anyone could be that naive. However, the fact that it is a church centre explains a lot.

"Sister bought me this ring with our birthstones for my birthday with a super sentimental message engraved inside."

Reddit | Do_the_Scarn77

Did you really think that your sibling would get you a genuinely sincere gift? Pfft, not a chance, that's not what siblings are for!

"My brother ate 3 slices of this bread before turning the lights on to see why it tasted funny."

Reddit | probnotbob

Wait... he got three whole slices in before he realized? Dear lord, look at the state of it! Was he eating in the pitch black or are his taste buds completely destroyed?

"Bandages at my work say how many Health Points you receive."

Reddit | baldlamp27

Pfft, everyone knows that you just need to look at the little bar on the bottom left of your vision to see how much health you're on before and after an injury. What? Everyone else has that, right?

"Think I was born yesterday?"

Reddit | heymankey

I think that they may have made the right choice, except for the fact that the first Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles film is right there, that one was okay if I remember?

"Actual pictures from AliExpress. What you expect vs what arrives."

Reddit | Monkeyz

If you order something on the cheap online, then what can you really expect? I can't see him intimidating that many villains wearing this!

Lost In Translation...

Reddit | askingforfriendxyz

This person explained, "Parents bought me a shirt that said '5UCK MY D1CK' and sent me to school with it, not knowing what it meant. (We are German). My teacher explained to my mom what it meant and how inappropriate it was."

"I'm confused..."

Reddit | Chris74439

Look, it's very straightforward. The diary in the non-dairy creamer is ultra-pasteurized milk that is made especially for non-dairy... wait, on second thoughts, I'm confused too.

"I like to consider myself a handyman. Gotta do what you gotta do to pass university dorm inspections."

Reddit | 9D6Official

Actually, this is quite impressive. However, I'm just always naturally suspicious of these random outlets anyway, I've always wondered what they were hiding!

"Perfect marketing ploy."

Reddit | PsychoM

Mmmmm yes, how do you like your Cola? Blue, or red? Which one will you take?

"That's gotta be a bit embarrassing."

Reddit | Palifaith

Can you imagine finding yourself in that situation, and just thinking, "Am I really going to have to call the fire department for something as stupid as this?"

"My mom unknowingly bought a bong for her crystal/glass collection. We have no intention of telling her."

Reddit | WizzlyG33

Look, I'm sorry to have to be the one to break it to you, but your mom knows exactly what that is and how to use it!

"My 12 year old niece does duct tape crafts. Her grandma bought this for her birthday..."

Reddit | LindsayShhh

A lot of people said that as a kid they would have thought up a lot more innocently fun things to do with this tape than they actually would as adults.

"Today my girlfriend bought a Halloween costume from Gary Oldman's doppelganger."

Reddit | sleeperkid

Oh, you fool, that's not Gary Oldman's doppelgänger at all! That's the real Gary Oldman, he just disappears into any role so seamlessly that you didn't even realize!

"Bought my 7 year old daughter a bracelet making kit. Found this on the table the next day..."

Reddit | gordontrue

If you give a kid any form of crafting equipment that enables them to write words out, then you need to expect it to say "fart". That is day one of parenting... I think?

"Absolute nonsense."

Reddit | downriverrowing

Look, I'm going to say something quite controversial now... pop-tarts are horrible. So, frankly, I don't know what you expected!

"This looks expensive..."

Reddit | TrappaTroopa

Apparently, this happened in Orlando, and that they had put the outriggers into soft soil and... well, I think you can see what happened next!

"This guy bought a smart phone online but received a stone."

Reddit | samfisher457

I've heard people refer to phones as like a "brick" before, but this is something else. It's better than nothing though, so don't take it for granite!

"Grandma bought a bell for my 2yo nephew and couldn't understand why I chuckled so hard."

Reddit | Chiaupas

"Well, Timmy must really love that bell! Him and his friends have been ringing it in his room all day long!"

"The new milk my mom bought tastes funny..."

Someone suggested mixing chocolate powder in to it to make it a lot more delicious. However, I think not eating glue in the first place is the best idea.

"My wife bought a costume for our dog. It was too small, so we tried it on the cat."

Does this person not realize that cats are masters at revenge? They'll be waking up with dead mice in their mouths tomorrow morning!

"Spent the last 3 days looking for my AirPods and then my 2 year old tells me to look at the orange juice."

Reddit | MajorRyes

Kids love putting things into liquids, that's just a straight up fact! This is hilarious, but at the same time, I would be absolutely furious!

"How to get snacks into the movie theater."

Reddit | lilmizzvalz

Just think of how many M&Ms you could fill that fake pregnant belly up with?! Good lord, it's incredible.

"Girlfriend's neighbor used the wrong stuff on their lawn."

Reddit | scandy82

I bet that was an awful morning that they woke up to realize they had killed off their beautiful lawn! The difference between their lawn and the rest of the block is somewhat severe.

"There’s always a believer."

Reddit | Xyeeyx

"I can't believe I fell for that."

"Oh, no, it's the left one that's the key cleaner, not the right one!"

"Ah, that makes sense, thanks for the heads up!"

*Frying sounds

"Some clever bastard actually wrote 'gullible' on our school ceiling."

Reddit | 1jl

I didn't want to fall for this joke, but then someone pointed out that they had actually written it in white out so that it was just hard to see and I felt like an even bigger idiot for having missed it!

Push Harder!

Reddit | SilverOwl321

Sure, it's a good joke and all, however, is it worth having a Smart Car for? I'll answer that for you... no.

"New sofa delivered — thanks forklift truck driver..."

Reddit | Kuffdam

I know that if I got this delivered there would be a moment where I would think, "Is it really that bad?" just because the thought of having to return a couch is so annoying!

"And that's how capitalism works..."

Reddit | Stirling65

What could this "guide" even really have to offer except a mindless string of asinine saccharine ideas to waste days with "loved ones"... crap, in short.