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Post Malone Just Got A Massive Tattoo On The Side Of His Head

It takes a lot of courage to get a tattoo on your face or your head, but once you get one you might as well get more — especially if you can pull it off the way that rapper Post Malone can!

The "Rockstar" and "Circles" hitmaker just debuted a brand new massive tattoo in an interesting place.

Post Malone is pretty famous for his tattoos.

Instagram | @postmalone

He's got barbed wire across his forehead, "Stay Away" above his eye, "Always Tired" below his eyes, and tons more just on his face.

Post just debuted a shaved head with a pretty interesting reveal underneath.

A massive tattoo of a skull on the side of his head!

Instagram | @postmalone


That must've really hurt!

Post seems to be pretty proud of it, and I don't blame him! It does look pretty badass, I have to admit.

Fans in the comments agreed with me.

"Yeah I already know this one hurt the worst huh bro," one commenter added with an upside down smiley face, while another one joked that his fans hadn't been prepared for this: "They weren’t ready. Love you to the moon & back dude," they wrote.

It's definitely a statement piece.

What do you think of Posty's newest ink? I think it's a bold choice, but it suits him!

Would you ever get a tattoo on your head? At least if you decide you don't like it you can just grow your hair out and forget that you have it!