30 Times Stupidity Got The Best Of Us

Everyone likes to think that they have a lot of common sense. However, in reality, not many people really do have a lot of common sense! And hey, I'm one of these people too, so there's no judgement... well, sort of.

So, with this in mind, please enjoy these 14+ people who went, "Common sense? Never heard of her!"

"My dining hall made pizza bagels on cinnamon raisin."

Reddit | mexifro218

A lot of people were even amazed that this person had managed to take a bit of this monstrosity; however, it turned out they took the bite without realizing and were less than pleased afterward.

"These funny garden decorating hedgehogs made from old sawblades..."

Reddit | vonWeizhacker

These are the most hilariously dangerous things that I have seen for years. They're literally just sawblades sticking out of the ground... just think about that for a second and then think about the fact that someone thought that was genuinely a good garden idea!?

"Girl stuck in basketball hoop."

Reddit | djernie

This actually happened in the Netherlands. I don't know why I feel the need to tell you that, but there you go! I also love that everyone's faces scream, "I'm so done with this."

"Brand new Jaguar driver believes he's too important to sit in traffic. Insta-karma smackdown."

Reddit | Reyali

I believe that is an F-Type Jaguar? They are one of the nicest cars around at the moment I reckon and if their owner isn't going to look after it appropriately then I will happily take it off their hands!

"Saw this outside of the mall. Probably safe enough..."

Reddit | kirthasalokin

I guess that for some criminals the very idea of a lock is enough to ward them off? I actually think that the bike lock might be worth more than the scooter in this instance!

"Elevator control panel for the visitors in a hospital."

Reddit | Cmaffeo3

The fact that the 3 button is on upside down is just the cherry on top of the cake here. What psychopath "designed" this?

"I believe the word you're looking for is 'aquarium'."

Reddit | highhhhclimber

Unless it isn't. Perhaps this is a place where they made smoothies out of animals that have been rejected form other zoos? Bones and all!

"This is how my old high school decided to congratulate the grads this year... RIP to this school year?"

Reddit | TridentFH01

Who on Earth had this idea? Actually, the blame should be on the person who okayed it!

"Yeah okay makes sense thank you."

Reddit | Vexced

I mean, they're not even trying here, are they? they've just put a series of words together and hoped that it was fine.

"Well shucks."

Reddit | thatsitrose

You never know, that may well be their logo. I mean it'd be an absolutely terrible one, but you never know.

Going To the Shops For Groceries...

Reddit | I-Hate-Suppositories

The owner of these two pooches wrote, "Women confuse me. My girlfriend sent me out for groceries, and like any rational person, I thought that meant go get hats for the dogs. Turns out she was hungry."

"Due to the lack of common sense..."

Reddit | cheerilee

That's certainly a strange way of writing, "It's raining and we can't be arsed to mop the floors so you're on your own."

Mom is an elementary school teacher. A student told her he brought his cat to school, but she didn't believe him until he opened his bag."

Reddit | mrfahrenheit94

"Look, it's Mr. Mittens in my bag!"

"Oh dear God, thank goodness you found me, I thought I'd be in here all day!"

"That's a good cat!"

"Why would you make it red and coming out of his neck?"

Reddit | UrPossibleFriend

"Mommy, why does the dolphin look like that?"

"Because it's had its throat cut darling, and now it's slowly bleeding out as it thinks of all of the mistakes it has made in its life."


"My calculations were incorrect."

Reddit | poopystick69

This is is absolutely amazing, but how in the hell did they not think that this was going to be the outcome of this idea?!

"My wife finally found out where I've been getting my frozen Snickers bars."

Reddit | Standard_Candle

I mean, how would someone not know that they were in there? No one really has beans in their freezer, come on!

"Several stupid dogs..."

Reddit | Sghtunsn

Someone quite rightly pointed out that it doesn't matter how slow that they're going, dogs shouldn't be driving whatsoever!

"Iceland does not want to deal with your stupidity ⏤ and I think that’s beautiful."

Reddit | Joe_Vanelli

Also, I don't know why people are throwing coins into fountains anyway, I realized as a kid that wishes are nothing but lies. I was a fun child to have around.

"You're not just wrong, you're stupid."

Reddit | /MetronomeYAY

Well, this is just ridiculous. I mean, she forgot the contact details! Everything else is fine but how are buyers gonna get in touch with you?

"A bathroom at a rest stop in SW Texas made my head spin."

Reddit | italianraidafan

I'm struggling to actually just look at this picture at all. I can't imagine trying to go the bathroom actually inside of it!

"The one time the toner exploded at work while switching it out. You can see where I was at that exact moment."

Reddit | paochow

This looks like something straight out of the pages of a comic book. How did this person not know that printers are evil things that will never go down without a fight?!

"My 12 Year Old’s Sense of Humor."

Reddit | Cafen8ed

Jesus Christ! Does that kid not realize how much printer ink inexplicably costs?! The price of ink is more terrifying than the idea of my printer becoming self-aware.

"Yeah, whatever, kids are stupid anyway"

Reddit | EpriLeK

Maybe they're trying to make a philosophical statement about faces within faces? Probably not though...

"I know, I was confused two."

Reddit | angel_silence

Maybe they're actually trying to convey a secret code? I wish that was the case, the world would be so much more exciting with mysterious codes hidden around the place.

"New sofa delivered ⏤ thanks forklift truck driver..."

Reddit | Kuffdam

It looks like there may be a somewhat important phone call in order here. There's no way that the forklift driver couldn't have realized what they had done here, surely?

"Ladies and gentlemen, the pinnacle of human stupidity."

Reddit | KoldunMaster

But... they're not even peeled? Having to peel a banana twice is just a step too far, what am I, a... thing that peels things twice? No!

"Finally I can play basketball!"

Reddit | papaopapapapa

It is quite strange how they have taken this photograph as though they are making a sacrificial offering to the pebble God's.

The World's Worst Button Placement

Reddit | Freddypretty

This person explained, "My city just replaced all their buses. The stop button is now located where you normally rest your knee. It’s super sensitive and people constantly hit it by mistake, so the driver has to stop although no one is getting off."

"This makes no sense whatsoever."

Reddit | Saladboi420

Yeah, no matter which way I look at this or read it, I cannot make a single iota of sense out of it whatsoever.

"They lost their common sense too..."

Reddit | stickpoke

There were a lot of people saying that no one could ever be this stupid; however, I would genuinely not put this sort of thing passed some people.