12+ People Who Didn’t Really Get The Point

The world is a complex place, and it can be quite easy to miss the point from time to time, whether it be misunderstanding what the purpose of a drive-thru is or wildly misinterpreting important signs in a bathroom!

So, settle in, put on your special pants of misinterpretation, and enjoy these 12+ people who didn't really get the point.

"There's been a lot of ants in my kitchen, so I made them a strip club so they would feel more comfortable and welcome."

Reddit | YugLee

"Dave, it wouldn't be your last night as a bachelor ant without us going to a strip club, so here we go! Oh God, it's a trap! They're all dead! All the strippers are dead! Our lust has been our downfall!"

"Potluck misunderstandings."

Reddit | JiveMonkey

I could get on board with this. I mean, it might not be as filling, but it's still snacks, and you can never turn down good snacks!

"My son put his growing dinosaur in a glass that was too small for it, so the head stayed small."

Reddit | Mademoiselle_Va

And the T-Rex thought that it had life hard enough when just its hands and arms were tiny! Well, now it's really going to struggle!

"A bible store in Kansas has trouble understanding the meaning of this quote."

Reddit | thenewyorkgod

I know that this might seem a little off message, but is there much call for a "bible store" in the first place? Couldn't you just get a bible online or in a normal bookstore?

"My Girlfriend Is Starting To Understand How My Family Jokes Around At Christmas."

Reddit | fallinouttadabox

Look, if you're going to make this work, then you need to do some artistic trimming on that long stalk on the pepper. Come on — if you're going to do it, do it properly!

"My friend didn't understand why people were honking and flashing their lights at him."

Reddit | photon123

Your friend should be more concerned with how they managed to do this without realizing it! Like

"My sister finally discovered her purpose in life..."

Reddit | FaveFoodIsLesbeans

What a terrifying moment of realization! I had a similar one the day that I realized I was becoming literally any curmudgeonly old man in any film ever.

"Misunderstood my last Amazon purchase."

Reddit | Jaget23

Now all you need to do is buy a whole house full of smaller appliances so that it all looks uniform and then it'll also make your house look much bigger!

The "Mustache" Conundrum...

Reddit | RyanHasWaffleNipples

The person who posted this explained, "My buddy jokingly decided to get a henna tattoo of a mustache. The foreign worker didn't understand what he was saying, so she asked him to write down what he wanted. This was the result."

"I will never understand people who put pizza on pineapple."

Reddit | WorkFriendlyAcct

I don't know who it was that decided to put pineapple on pizza for the first time, but they ought to be ashamed of themselves!

"She has a point."

Reddit | Pimphis

Yeah, but that piece of paper will get you...well, it'll get you something! Look, I don't know what it does get you but it definitely does something!

"My mom sent me a picture of her dinner. I didn't understand why it wasn't playing."

Reddit | baconguacamoletacos

Did anyone fall for it and click it? Pfft, I definitely didn't. You'd have to be a real idiot to do that... *nervous laughter

"Seems legit."

Reddit | seizureCORE

I mean, based upon the amount of gritty Scandinavian dramas they're pumping out at the moment, I genuinely wouldn't be surprised if they adapted this for TV.

"I think there was a bit of a misunderstanding here."

Reddit | The42ndTurtle

Well, at least now you'll always be able to tell yours apart from other people's, thanks to this dumb mistake!

"My mom ordered a graduation cake with a cap drawn on. I guess they misheard."

Reddit | bluesberry

Can you imagine how much more exciting and difficult graduation would be if you had to do it all while balancing a cat on your head? Throwing the cat in the air would be a really risky move.

"My university doesn't understand fractions."

Reddit | anona_Mouse

That is not a great sign from a university, really, is it? It's also great how the pie chart key just reiterates what is meant to be shown in the pie chart.

"Valid point."

Reddit | Jaimass

The time spent typing up this message, printing it, and then sticking it to the fridge could easily have been spent cleaning the damn fridge!

"-5 points for no work shown."

Reddit | soap_monger

So...are you supposed to write out a sort of insane self-dialogue script where you convince yourself of the answer? I like the sound of that, it's suitably high-concept!

"What's the point?"

Reddit | CARmakazie can color in the light saber at least? I'd say that you could color in the background but the Empire/First Order aren't really known for their vibrant decor, are they?

"Diabetes Misunderstanding."

Reddit | Millionaire_

At least they were getting a good dose of vitamin C! Sure, it might not be the thing they needed to keep them alive, but still...

"A pointed warning..."

Reddit | ehjjjx

The point here obviously being that the point is incredibly sharp. Also, if you're letting your kid run around an archery shop unattended then you need to give your head a shake.

"My kid sucks at Hide & Seek."

Reddit | MrBuckskin

This person went on to write, "What's more is that I was sitting just 2 feet away, counting while he was supposed to hide. He didn't even bother leaving the room. He thought his spot was that good!"

"I bought a pizza with mushrooms... They do it on purpose."

Reddit | ozzymustaine

I'd have been straight on to Twitter to tweet my fury with this...only to probably hear nothing back and end up eating it anyway in anger.

"Ignored a detour sign for road that was closed to thru traffic. When I turned around, I saw this."

Reddit | DuctTapeNinja99

Look, it's very funny and such, however, why did they put an apostrophe in the word "sign's"?

"I finally found a good reason to get a SmartCar... I suck at parallel parking!"

Reddit | kajunmama

Nope, there is literally no reason that anyone should ever get a Smart car. No matter how good an idea it may seem for whatever reason, you're wrong.

"After making her aunt and uncle a card, my little sister doesn't understand why we had to label her ladybug..."

Reddit | SweemDeem

Just a heads up: If your ladybug is covered in bright red wart-looking things, then you should probably head to the doctor!

"Fiancée said she needed an iPad for work purposes. Her fingerprints prove otherwise..."

Reddit | TheGuestDJ

You never know, their fiancée could work for Candy Crush or Bejeweled or whatever variety of those games this is?

"You have a good point... beer equality."

Reddit | Panda885

Yeah, and look, your baby has got legs, so let it walk for itself! Poor old boxes of beer need more help in life as they don't have legs... That's the only difference between the two.

"Was cleaning my mom's bathroom and realized that this jar that's been sitting there for 15 years is not filled with sea shells. It's filled with pasta shells."

Reddit | saidiecat

If this was a prank, she really fooled you for 15 whole years. If this isn't a prank, this company really fooled you for 15 years.

"If it works it's not stupid!"

Reddit | personathethird

I give it maybe three years tops before we start seeing summer camps and parents in general using this to wrangle kids.

"Not this year, cat."

Reddit | milovat

I recently got a cat. Cats are stubborn and determined. I give that one a week before it learns to climb walls.

"Our roomate bought a Keurig despite us already having a coffee pot. The community was not happy."

Reddit | notarobuts

I get it, I used to use a Tassimo but now I use a french press. Does it make me feel more pretentious? Yes. Does that matter? No, because the coffee is still better.

"Not a huge fan of the new candy machine at work. 0/10, tastes terrible."

Reddit | euratowel

The blue raspberry ones were okay, but this new strawberry banana flavor just tastes like foam.

"I wore this custom shirt during my wife's labor. Wife was not amused."

Reddit | robin60062

So do you think he'd been wearing this for weeks in preparation, had it on underneath a button up to rip open Superman-style?

"Somebody at work isn't the brightest."

Reddit | Guesty_

Finally, gray hi-vis vests: Safety and visibility to match my monochromatic sensibilities.

"My doggo isn't totally convinced with the makeshift lap I made for him to sit on while I'm gone."

Reddit | Unoiseau

I wonder what tipped him off. Could it be the fact that the lap he should be sitting in is standing, taking his photo?

"A guy right outside my office. He isn't aware the reflective glass is see-through from our side."

Reddit | emeryguitar

Y'all better not tell him. He's killing it out there. Look at that pose, that confidence. He knows he looks good.

"Math isn't a strong suit at the NC state fair."

Reddit | unintentional_jerk

Forget the "deal" on the left, check out the one on the right. It's so much cheaper to come during the week!

"My dog isn't allowed on the couch. This is his solution."

Reddit | Pieman36912

So you deny him the couch but allow the ottoman? You're just trying to deprive him of cuddles at this point.

"...The man has a point."

Reddit | dillcurly

Whatever you do, you should definitely not look in the trashcan in this particular bathroom... Trust me.

"This is what wood looks like under a microscope."

Reddit | JukeboxSommelier

Ahahah...haha...have you ever seen a joke so bad it's physically painful? Yeah.

"Someone misunderstood the sign at Starbucks today."

Reddit | AMartii

The person who did this must be the most literal person on the planet. "Drive thru? Well, okay! If you say so!"