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Mom Gifted Hilarious New Mom 'Essentials' At Her Baby Shower

Whenever you find out you are pregnant and expecting, the first thing you realize is that you're going to need a ton of stuff. From diapers to baby clothing to car seats and even more, you are going to need to splurge to raise this child. Luckily, many people gift these things to you for your baby shower. That means you can spend way less than you anticipated.

Most people get the usual things for baby shower presents.

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Many expecting parents register for the most common items for newborn babies. These include diapers, onesies, bibs, strollers, cribs, and baby toys. Whatever we need, we usually scan at the store for our friends and family to gift us.

Sometimes, our friends and family will go out of the way to be original with their gifts.

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While we register for a lot of things, sometimes, people come up with original gifts to give us that will make us both laugh and smile at the same time.

Many times, there are things we definitely need that we don't even register for.

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When we're thinking about our newborn baby, we think of some very specific items. Sometimes, we'll even consult a website or two to make sure that we get the right things.

Recently, one soon-to-be mom shared the hilarious and useful gifts she received for her baby shower.

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Ivy Cawthon shared the photos on her Facebook page of her gifts that all came from her uncle. The gifts, which are dubbed the parenting "must-haves", are seriously gifts that should go to every soon-to-be mom at their shower.

The first gift, of course, was a box of condoms.

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Written on the box was a note that said, "So we don not have to do this again in 9-months!"

To be honest, every new mom and dad thinks this way. No one wants to have another baby on their hands after just giving birth to one. Way to go, Uncle Marty!

Also, some hemorrhoid cream.

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Of course, pushing a baby out is very hard work. Uncle Marty realized that some moms may need this cream for the hemorrhoids caused from pushing that baby out of the womb.

All moms have some red eyes from being up all night long.

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Uncle Marty gifted this new mom some Visine for those sleepless nights where the baby will be keeping her up all night long. Not a bad thought!

A McDonald's gift card for nights that mom is too tired to cook.

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If I'm not going to cook, you bet your bottom dollar that I want a Big Mac and some french fries. What a wonderful idea and a solid plan. Love it.

Every mom needs some medicine for those headaches!

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Uncle Marty knows that babies cry. Crying causes headaches. And, babies grow up to be teenagers that cause even more headaches. Tylenol is needed — really, really badly.

Last but not least, Target gift card for diapers.

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And, this one is the truest of them all. A Target gift card for diapers, because, "you'll be buying them every time you go to the store now." That's a true, true story.