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10+ Behind The Scenes Secrets From Famous '90s Movies Fans Didn't Know

I know that I'm biased but the 90s really was the best when it came to movies and TV. The decade boasts some of the most wildly popular films of the past century.

Below are 10+ behind the scenes secrets from famous 90s movies that fans didn't know.

Get ready to feast your eyes on these totally excellent film facts!

1. The entire cast and crew of *Titanic* was poisoned with PCP.

“Some people were laughing, some people were crying, some people were throwing up,” according to Bill Paxton.

"One minute I felt O.K., the next minute I felt so goddamn anxious I wanted to breathe in a paper bag. Cameron was feeling the same way.”

2. Milla Jovovich married her on-screen boyfriend from *Dazed and Confused* in real life.

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When asked what her reasoning was behind the nuptials during an interview, Milla said:

"Basically it was to prove a point to my mum." Wow. That is very intense.

She continued by saying it was done in an effort to be perceived as an adult.

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"I wanted to establish myself as an adult, as I was working like one and being treated like one by everyone else. It wasn't about being in love, but when you’re 16 you have to take three rights to make a left."

3. Bill Murray and Richard Dreyfuss couldn't stand eachother while filming *What About Bob?*

Both actors have admitted on several occasions to not liking one another.

Dreyfuss even claims that Bill Murray once threw an ashtray at his head in a drunken fugue state.

4. Burt Reynolds got into a fist fight with *Boogie Nights* director, Paul Thomas Anderson.

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Reynolds felt that Anderson was disrespecting him.

He pulled Paul into an alleyway and began screaming at him at the top of his lungs, before finally sending a barrage of punches his way.

5. Keanu Reeves collapsed and was sent to the hospital while filming *Bill & Ted's Bogus Journey*.

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It happened while he was in his trailer. As it turns out, Keanu was suffering from an infection in his arm.

Thankfully, it didn't take long before Keanu was back on set!

6. Julia Roberts was so difficult to work with on *Hook*, that she was given the nickname Tinkerhell!

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Keep in mind that this was back in the days before Twitter; before the internet even!

Julia clearly must have made one heck of a fuss in order for the rumor of her antics to carry so long and far.

7. While filming *Tommy Boy*, things between David Spade and Chris Farley would get heated

As the story goes, Chris was feeling a little jealous that David had been out drinking with Rob Lowe the night prior.

After Chris repeatedly asked "How's Rob Lowe?" over and over again, Spade cracked.

David wound up throwing a can of Diet Coke directly at Chris Farley's head.

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As you can probably imagine, Chris didn't take too kindly to David hurling a Coke can at his head.

He proceeded to throw David into a wall and then down a flight of stairs.

8. Robin Williams used to walk around downtown San Francisco dressed as *Mrs. Doubtfire*.

Robin wanted to see if he'd be able to get away with it in public.

He also is reported to have at one time entered a sex shop and bought a very large...phallic object.

9. Helen Hunt was nearly knocked unconscious while filming a scene in *Twister*.

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The particular scene in question is when Jo and Bill are driving through the cornfield.

Originally, the doors weren't actually propped open, which caused it to slam shut on the back of Helen's head.

10. Wes Craven's *Scream* was originally titled *Scary Movie*.

Rumor has it that this was changed at least in part due to the success of the popular Michael Jackson song of the same name.

The original title of the film was later used for the popular parody franchise, Scary Movie.

11. Hugo Weaving had to have hip surgery while filming *The Matrix*.

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The injury happened during his fight-training and as a result, the shooting schedule for the entire film had to be altered.

Hugo's fight scenes were shot at the end of production in order to give the actor more time to heal.

12. The most famous scene in *Pretty Woman* was totally unscripted.

The moment where Richard Gere clamps the jewelry box shut is one of the most beloved scenes of 90s film.

It was completely ad-libbed and Julia Roberts reaction is 100% genuine.

13. Sid from *Toy Story* was inspired by a real life Pixar employee.

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I kid you not, Sid actually exists in the real world! Apparently there really used to be a Pixar employee who developed an affinity for dismantling toys.

A little sadistic for a kids movie, if you ask me.