Quotes For People Who Struggle With Human Interaction

I am not naturally what you would call a "people person," or rather, it takes so long for me to warm up to a person and feel comfortable being myself that most people don't stick around long enough.

Of course, most of anyone's day to day interactions with people are short and transactional. Picking up coffee, paying for groceries, doing that weird dance when you're about to walk into someone coming from the other direction and both of you try to move aside for the other, etc.

Growing up, even those short interactions often made me clam up.


Seriously, just ordering for myself at a restaurant was sometimes too much pressure.

That, thankfully, has improved a lot, but stick me in a room with a bunch of strangers to "network" for a few minutes and all bets are off.

How are you even supposed to interact in those situations?

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Be friendly, but not too friendly. Sell yourself, but don't make it obvious you're selling yourself.

Cool. Coolcoolcool.

What does that even mean?

Are people actually good at seemingly talking about nothing of note while simultaneously indicating everything important about yourself?


Or are they just way better at hiding their awkwardness than I am?

That's the right answer, isn't it? Everyone feels nervous and a bit awkward around new people, but they just don't let it get to them the way I do.

For some, that lack of fear comes naturally. For others, it's something they've worked hard to teach themselves.

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That sort of makes me feel better, actually. If they can learn to be more comfortable with new people, regardless of how shy they feel, then maybe I can too.

But for now, I'm just going to find the literal party animal and spend the networking event playing with the cat.

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