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The Truth Is, Hollywood Has A Lot Of Overrated Popular Movies

Popularity is a difficult thing to predict in Hollywood. There almost seems to be no rhyme or reason behind why certain films receive the notoriety that they do.

Below are examples of just that: 10+ overrated popular movies. Somehow, someway, against all odds and expectations, these films manage not just to survive but to flourish.

*The Revenant*

20th Century Fox

It boggles my mind that out of all the stellar performances Leonardo DiCaprio has turned in over the years, that this was the one that he finally took home the Oscar Award for Best Actor.

There's hardly even any dialogue at all! It's just Leo grunting and Tom Hardy mumbling inaudibly to himself. No thank you.

*The Shape Of Water*

Let me preface this by saying that I adore Guillermo del Toro, but for me, The Shape of Water was a total belly flop.

This film was essentially The Little Mermaid meets The Creature of the Black Lagoon, except with none of the heart or terror in the case of the latter.

*Apocalypse Now*

United Artists

Some films become popular by pure force of will. By that, I mean that if enough people say that a film is a 'classic', it becomes almost impossible to argue otherwise.

Apocalypse Now is that film. The only 'horror' that I see, is the fact that it ranks among the IMDb Top 250 Films.

*The Lord Of The Rings: The Return Of The King*

New Line Cinema

The only thing worse than reading The Lord of the Rings trilogy is having to watch The Lord of the Rings Trilogy.

How this film managed to take home Best Picture at the Oscar's over Lost in Translation and Mystic River is beyond me.

*The Irishman*

Just because a film has an all-star cast and a world-renowned director, doesn't by default make it a decent picture. With all of the hype behind The Irishman, I was at a total loss as to what all the fuss was about?

This is a three and a half-hour-long drag of a film that could have played out in ninety minutes.


Newmarket Films

Christopher Nolan might be the most overhyped director in the history of film and it's all thanks to Memento.

I'm not saying that the film is terrible, but it in no way deserves the accolades it receives. Not by a long shot.

*Once Upon A Time In Hollywood*

Columbia Pictures

Speaking of overhyped directors, let's talk about Tarantino for a second, shall we? Before you bite my head off, just be lucky I didn't throw Pulp Fiction on the list. I was this close!

While it's true that the film boasts incredible acting performances by both Brad Pitt and Leo, Once Upon a Time in Hollywood is three hours of nothingness topped off with ten minutes of cartoon mayhem.


No one loves throwing money at a screen more than James Cameron. As far as I'm concerned, there are only six degrees of separation between him and Michael Bay.

Also, Avatar is a blatant unapologetic ripoff of Dances With Wolves. Seriously, you should watch it.

*There Will Be Blood*

Paramount Vantage

If you were to ask me, "who is the greatest actor of all time?" my answer without hesitation would be "Daniel Day-Lewis."

However, There Will Be Blood may just be one of the most boring movies ever made. I'm not saying Day-Lewis isn't brilliant in the film, I'm just saying that I don't care that he's brilliant.

*The Deer Hunter*

Universal Pictures

Speaking of incredibly boring films, The Deer Hunter is that and more! I truly don't know how it's possible to make a film with a total runtime of more than three hours and still have nothing happen?!

Don't be lured in by the cast, steer clear of this one.

*The Godfather Part II*

How is it that The Godfather Part II has come to be known as this legendary feat of filmmaking? It's really two movies in one, and neither is particularly any good.

Many critics point to this as an example of a sequel being superior to the original. They couldn't be more wrong.

*True Grit*

Paramount Pictures

I hate saying that something "sucks." To me, it's a lazy argument and an easy default to fall back on.

"Why didn't you like it?"

"Oh, because it sucked."

It gets us nowhere. However, in very rare circumstances, as in the case of True Grit, there truly are no words other than to say "Wow - that movie really sucked."

*A Star Is Born*

Warner Bros. Pictures

I'm off the deep end with how truly terrible this film is. How is Hollywood even allowed to remake the same film four times over, isn't that cheating?

Were it not for the admittedly powerful musical performances by Lady Gaga, no one would have even turned their head for A Star is Born.

*Bohemian Rhapsody*

20th Century Fox

You'd think it would be impossible for a movie about one of the most beloved and important Rock n' Roll bands of all time to be crappy. C'est la vie...

The film is a glossed-over, romanticized retelling of Freddie Mercury's life that does neither he nor Queen, justice.

*The Dark Knight*

Warner Bros. Pictures

Let's be honest: The Dark Knight is a low B-grade film. The only reason why its name gets tossed around in such prestigious circles is due to the brilliant performance of Heath Ledger as the Joker.

Everything else, specifically Christian Bale's Batman voice, is cringeworthy.