15+ Things That Have To Be True Or We'll Be Absolutely Crushed

Man — there are few things worse than stumbling upon your new fav image on the internet, only to realize that it's photoshopped or staged, and that your ENTIRE life is a lie. Luckily, these are all true things. Or they better be, anyways.

I want to graduate again just so I can have the chance to wear a pizza box on my head

Reddit | keffwrites

If there's another time for me to have that chance, then I'll take it — but I can't think of anything.

I want both this dog and this girl to be a part of my family because is there anything more hilarious?

Instagram | @funmemes100

I don't think so. And it's not like a mom could ever stay mad for long because of this.

I've seen tons of signs for eating fish at work, but I really think that this is the best way to go about it

Reddit | KaneDunk

Because Goldfish crackers and gummies are really impossible to make passive-aggressive — no matter how hard you try.

But do we think that the Snapchat filter is based on this guy or what, because WHAT DIFFERENCE?

Pleated Jeans

I asked my sister what my filter would look like and she said that the pig one already exists. She loves me, I promise.

I don't usually say "goals" when it comes to anything really, but hi, yes — THIS TEXT IS GOALS

Instagram | @pettycommunity

His answer is so innocent! So cute! I love him and I don't even know him! TRUE LOVE EXISTS!

Can we have a moment of appreciation for the genius engineering that took place for this to work?

Reddit | shadydgier

Assuming that it DOES work — because that's a lot of straw action.

Again, I don't get kids at all, but I really do love that this kid loved a song enough to make a playlist of JUST that song

Instagram | @lbaker537

I hope it was on purpose and that some day, I love someone as much as this kid loves this jam.

This might be the strangest story of a lost dog maybe ever???

Instagram | @x__social_butterfly__x

Like, super happy she came back — but also, where was she that she managed to get groomed and all?! A ruff life, I tell ya.


Instagram | @qwerticorn

I want to see more stories like this!!!! Because you darn well know it usually ends with the girls mad at each other and the guy living the dream. NOT IN MY WORLD!

I don't know how they managed to understand that drawing and make it into THAT tattoo, but I'm here for it

Instagram | @frostedwheats

They're called artists for a reason, am I right?


Instagram | @happiness4all

You can even see the proud mama or poppa in the corner!!!! I hope this truly made its rounds in the friend gang.

I really hope this dad actually did make this happen — like, that secret selfie effort is just perfect

Instagram | @qwerticorn

I hope my dad recognizes Harry if he ever happens to run into him.

The fact that people are this creative, yet stubborn enough to make this happen — instead of just fixing the car

The Chive

Like, the determination is amazing. I hope they never lose it, but why???

I really feel bad for them, BUT I'VE ALWAYS WANTED TO SEE SOMEONE DO THIS!

The Chive

Like, it makes me feel like the world is a magical place and full of people who make kinda stupid choices.

Is this not the most brilliant place to hide snacks that you ever did see?

The Chive

Sock drawers and bookshelves aren't safe hiding spots anymore. The tampon box is where it's at.

Okay, totally feel bad for this person — and yet, LOL THAT THIS HAPPENED

The Chive

It's like a bird exploded in there, and that's about all I can picture.

I truly hope this delivery person went above and beyond to make sure their package was delivered, even if the homeowners weren't home

eBaum's World

I've never had a delivery person even leave it on my door handle.

I truly hope that people never stop getting questionable tattoos because then what will I use to make myself feel like I can do no wrong?

Reddit | LadyJane17

Nothing will ever compare.

Tbh, if I saw this, I don't think I would be able to use it because I wouldn't be able to stop laughing.

Pleated Jeans

Aand my face would go oh so red.

I get it's a little (a lot) extra, BUT CAN WE BLAME THEM?!

The Chive

I think that people should really be doing this with their pens. You wouldn't have to worry about them ever again!

I almost wish it wasn't true because that's a heck of a mess, but you can't possibly stay mad at the doggo, so it's okay

Pleated Jeans

Maybe he just wanted a bath.

Now, this is evil — and yet, I can't help but admire the cause


Because if it's true, then they're a great person. But if it's a prank, then there's no way you would ever know.

This makes me want to go back to my Catholic high school and check out the lockers

Pleated Jeans

Because I never noticed if they skipped certain numbers or not!

This tree doesn't look happy to have been hit by lightning.

Reddit | Emilio2005

It looks almost like its on fire on the inside, which it very might well be. Apparently trees can explode when they're hotter inside than outside, so hopefully this photographer took this pic and then got outta there.

We love to see our old family portraits.

Reddit | venke970010

This bird's great great grandfather was clearly a well-off bird, so hopefully he's inspired to fly to his own great heights.

You can't fool me. I know elves live in there.

Reddit | Palana

I really, really want to run around and climb in these roots. They look like they might transport me to a magical kingdom and I will finally get my fantasy adventure!

It's your Uber. Am outside.

Reddit | Jedi_Lucky

Imagine pulling up to your next date's house on this tricycle for adults. This is riding in style, but still showing you care about safety and stability. It's the perfect ride.

Want to play a game?

Reddit | Mentalfloss1

This sign in a store window invents a new game and makes you lose it all in one fell swoop, which is pretty impressive. Play this game at home with your friends! Nobody wins.

The only 100% accurate report.

Reddit | DarwinsMonkeyOne

Every morning when I wake up I ask my phone what the weather is going to be that day. If I could simplify the process and just look at a rock outside my window, I could go off the grid entirely.

This isn't just any badass sword handle.

Reddit | adschahoo

This is a badass sword handle made out of a FEMUR. That's real bone, baby! At least, I hope it is. Nothing would be less hardcore than a sword handle made out of a fake bone.

I fly high with a little help from my friends.

Reddit | ItalianAviationGeek

This crow hitching a ride on the back of an eagle better be real, because I want the Disney movie version of this right now.

Keep holding on.

Reddit | ReaganAbe

The bottom half of this pole apparently caught on fire, but the tension of the wires was enough to keep it hanging up there.

A hippotato?!

Reddit | ZappBrannigansLaw

I know this would be easy to fake or create as some kind of art project, but I'd like to believe any French Fry I eat could've come from a glorious hippotato.

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