15+ Genius Ideas That Made Life A Little Brighter

A genius idea, we all know, takes place when a little cartoon lightbulb appears over one's head.

...Well, that's not really how it works. But it isn't to say that there aren't plenty of bright ideas out there. Let's check out some of the better ones. Who knows, it might even be a source of inspiration.

Batten down the hatches.

Reddit | bsurfn2day

If you want something to not get blown away, you tie it down, right? Clearly, someone applied this principle to their entire freakin' house in advance of a hurricane.

No boiler required.

Reddit | SimonFiveskin

This "hot water tap" was spotted in Vietnam. I'm not sure how hot the candle would make the water, and it's not like it's adjustable or anything, but it certainly is creative.

It's foolproof.

Reddit | neon_soxx

Do you need a sensor that tells you when an earthquake is going on? How about one that requires no batteries, costs pennies to make and is instantly responsive?


Reddit | GingerMum

A welder created this wrench-hammer (wrammer? hench?) for his wife who likes to use one tool for many different jobs. It looks like it might even work as intended.

Handy hockey stick.

Reddit | natcatbobat

You can buy a wooden hockey stick for a few dollars. For that cost, you get a) a hockey stick, b) a clothes rack, c) a general poking stick and, of course, d) a shower curtain rod.

Only in Russia.

Reddit | Cardanothecaire

Look, I don't really endorse the idea of having a toilet in your kitchen. But if you must have a toilet in your kitchen, this solution out of Russia is pretty decent.

Portable ruler.

Reddit | orbitofnormal

The only problem with this tattoo is that skin tends to sag as people get older. So long as he gets the tat touched up every so often, he should be good.

We all wish we were this guy.

Reddit | memezzer

The modern world is full of electric bikes, electric scooters and electric skateboards. How does one utilize this electric power in the chillest way possible? I think we have our answer.

Might not pass inspection.

Reddit | AJC1107

We've seen pickup trucks with impromptu swimming pools in the back before. I don't know if this guy misunderstood the concept or if he just really, really likes shooting pool.

Powered by...wood?

Reddit | From_Adam

AA batteries will work in place of C batteries. The only problem is their different size. This person has solved that problem by putting a AA battery in a C battery-sized wooden dowel.

Great teamwork.

Reddit | THX-23-02

This technique might not work on, say, your lawn. But it looks like it's effective for any surface a truck can drive on. Just make sure the driver goes nice and slow.

Forking brilliant.

Reddit | projectolivine

What might seem like a hopelessly bent, useless fork to some people is actually an effective iPad stand to someone else. If you need to adjust the angle, just bend the fork a little.

Great traction.

Reddit | GeneReddit123

There's no way anyone is slipping on this road, even if it might be a bit of a tripping hazard. I wonder if walking along it is as bouncy an experience as it looks like.

If it works...

Reddit | [deleted]

I certainly wouldn't recommend this, but it would definitely work. Heck, if you can avoid smashing the other car too hard, the rubber chicken would even provide a minimal level of padding.

Big brain time.

Reddit | I_Crush_Your_Head

You might look at a high hat drum pedal and think it can only be used in a drum kit. But if you love sanitized hands and have a little ingenuity, you could come up with something like this.

Beat a high score.

Reddit | dI--__--Ib

These bike lanes actually keep track of the cyclists who pass by it every day, providing statistics and figures. If this could be plugged into an app with more personalized data, it would be even cooler.

I'm blown away.

Reddit | Hygena-Pet-Scooper

Cleaning eavestroughs is pretty much the worst job ever. But if you have a leaf blower, a bunch of PVC pipes, and time, you can clean things out without even busting out your ladder.

For rake's sake.

Reddit | CaptainClunky

I don't know much about a Sleep Number bed (and no, I also don't know how the other half lives). But if you do own one of these beds, it turns out a rake is perfect for propping it up if you need to mess with its motor.

Lock and key.

Reddit | Steevo_no_jackass

This might seem a little over the top, but encasing the gas and brake pedals in a steel lockbox is a decent idea for anyone who doesn't want their car to get stolen.

Cool shirt.

Reddit | Shkmstr

This dad's shirt features a colorful, abstract design. As it turns out, it's actually his daughter's handiwork, as his wife had the shirt made up for a Father's Day present.

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