8+ Unusual Succulents That Look Like They're From Another Planet

I might've mentioned before that I'm not exactly the best when it comes to keeping plants alive. It usually has to do with watering. I either overdo it or do too little. It's a real problem — I know.

But one plant that's pretty hard to destroy is a succulent. These babies can handle almost anything. And there are so many cool varieties to choose from.

1. Kalanchoe Or 'Pink Butterflies'


This incredibly colorful succulent is also known as 'Pink Mother of Thousands'. It produces hundreds of tiny butterfly-like plantlets on its leaves. Doesn't that just look spectacular? Oh, my. I'm so impressed by it.

2. African Milk Tree


This is a succulent with thorns that grow vertically along the ridges of its thick green stems. It's quite striking. Although it's easy to grow indoors, the thorns can pose a risk to kids and pets.

3. 'Panda Plant'


Why is this succulent called the 'Panda Plant'? It's because it features thick, fuzz-covered leaves that kind of resemble a panda bear. Ha, ha! It's super easy to care for as the leaves store plenty of water. Wow, that's cool!

4. Rosularia Platyphylla


This super cute plant grows in small rosettes with flat green succulent foliage. It often features red, purple, or yellow margins that may be covered in tiny hairs, called cilia. They help the plant to trap water.

5. Variegated 'Elephant Bush'


Known for its leaves that resemble elephant ears, hence the name "Elephant Bush". This succulent is an excellent indoor plant. Mainly because it's low maintenance and drought tolerant. It will do best displayed in hanging planters.

6. 'Moonstones' Succulent


This Mexico native succulent that features egg-shaped leaves is gaining some popularity. It flowers between winter to early spring. It can tolerate high heat and intense sunlight. It will do well as long as it has well-draining soil.

7. Silver Squill Scilla Violacea


This succulent that is native to South America can be easily recognized by its silver-green leaves. They feature multiple dark green speckles on the front and violet colors underneath. It blooms with small lilac flowers.

8. String Of Pearls


Talk about a showstopper of a succulent if I've ever seen one. It would be beautifully displayed on a shelf so it can cascade itself down. This sun-loving succulent is easy to propagate.

9. Crown Of Thorns


If you're looking for a succulent that blooms almost all year, you've found it. I can hardly believe it; Where have you been all my life? Ha, ha! It loves the sun so place it near a well-lit window.

10. Haworthia Cooperi


Doesn't this succulent look so interesting? Its fleshy plump appearance makes it look almost edible. Unfortunately, it isn't —so don't try to eat it. It most definitely isn't safe to do so. But I still love it.

11. Trachyandra Tortilis


If you're looking for a succulent with an unusually long life span this one would be it. Not only does it look great but it will grow well indoors in a well-lit room. Doesn't it look fabulous?

12. 'Frizzle Sizzle' Albuca Spiralis

Instagram | @plantyofpots

This unique looking plant has thick, tightly curled leaves on its short stems. They grow from an underground bulb. In the spring it blooms with fragrant yellow flowers. And they have a light vanilla fragrance.

13. Lithops Living Stones


Oh my goodness, how amazing is this plant? These unique succulents closely resemble pebbles and rocks. And will definitely impress any of your friends. These slow-growing plants will actually grow close to the ground. Wow, beautiful.

I gotta say, I'm so excited to see all these succulents. I had no idea there were that many incredible ones.

I vow to start a new succulent garden and I will hunt all of these down. I need them.

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