13+ Moments That Made Us Go ‘Stop, Wait A Minute’

We all know that there is some really weird and quietly unsettling stuff out there in the world. However, thankfully, some of these strange things that make us do a double-take are inherently hilarious in one form or another.

So, with that in mind, I hope you enjoy these 13+ moments that made us go, "Stop, wait a minute!"

"Looking forward to earwax drops in my eyes, thanks Walgreens."

Reddit | decadentj

I mean, one thing is for sure: if you do mix them up, you won't have eye wax problems...or itchy ears!

"Friend of a friend's pooch dragged the sprinkler in through the doggy door..."

Reddit | Spinolio

"What's that sound? Is it raining?"

"No, it looks sunny outside."

"Oh, dear God..."

This Chaotic Amalgamation Of Roundabouts!

Reddit | 9yearold99

The person who posted this explained, "The Magic Roundabout in Swindon, UK, is very crappy. It is a roundabout with 7 small roundabouts around it. It is one of the scariest places to drive in the UK."

"Nice Doormat!"

Reddit | Honk5000

Ah, yes, I'm sure that this will help to get you some very interesting characters knocking on your door at all hours!

"That's ok, Friday is fine."

Reddit | JimmyLikesReddit

Apparently, they were only ordering 12 plastic pour spouts for liquor bottles as well. The delivery guy must have had something really important on that Thursday!

I am surprised that the worldwide ban on alcohol hasn't had more attention!"

Reddit | SupraJames

I better do something about getting rid of all of the alcohol in my house then! Excuse me while I get to chugging it all!

"These are very confusing times..."

Reddit | Jar-o-Pickles

It is a bird sanctuary, but only for birds inside of the city! Any birds from outside of Elk City, prepare to be deep-fried.

"So, my friend got a bit confused with the bib..."

Reddit | shaky2236

This is downright adorable. I think that this should be the way that all babies have to wear bibs now, to make them look like a fried egg!

"Target what does that even mean?"

Reddit | rawbeats04

I'm assuming that they're trying to do something of a pun on "hot off the grill"? However, I don't think they really get how puns work.

"Daughter yelled at me to make her a 'surprise snack'."

Reddit | Skunkdrunkpunk

I can't say that I've ever heard the expression "surprise snack" before, but I like the idea. I'm assuming it normally entails throwing tubes of Pringles at your friends at random?

"Looks like an awesome place for a job."

Reddit | ebtcrew

"I have noticed the notice and intend to make sure that it is honored! Now, hand me that bottle of Frosty Jacks, I'm gonna get steaming!"

"Yeah... very flexible."

Reddit | Omega_Hamster

"Now, I'm just going to extend your neck a little and help your flexibility and... Oh, crap."

"Killed another one, Dave?"

"Yeah, I don't know what's wrong with them all!"

"This is a face swap gone wrong."

Reddit | Nicedoodle

Gone wrong? Nope, I think you'll find that this is a face swap gone absolutely right!

"The company that decided to engrave my exact address on the key that opens my apartment, my cellar compartment and my mailbox."

Reddit | beetle_nectar

Well, as someone else pointed out, how else are thieves supposed to get into your house with ease? Don't be making it harder for them now!

"My dog isn't used to me being home during the day and is just staring at me from different places around the house."

Reddit | pizzanotpineapples

I love how most dogs would be so pleased to see their owner home all of the time, but this little fella is just completely distrustful of the whole situation!

"I just faceswapped my dog and my cat..."

Reddit | kradnozd

Well, it certainly is a step further, doing it with actual surgery instead of just using the app. However, it looks like you had good results!

"Before she was a mermaid..."

Reddit | darthva

Ah, yes, it wasn't long into her childhood that Walt Disney chopped her legs off and turned her into the mermaid we all know and love.

"Living in Portland some things no longer surprise me."

Reddit | tmfp

This is one of those pictures that just keeps getting weirder the more things you notice, isn't it? I mean, who tucks their shirt into shorts?

"I found this in the store. There's only 3 cities."

Reddit | DustyBlu09

Geography clearly wasn't the strong suit of whoever designed this t-shirt!

"Walked Into The Middle Of An Anime Battle."

Reddit | jnickers5445

It looks like he's just been thrown from space! Good thing he doesn't look too fazed by the whole experience though!

This Guy Messing With Pilots Flying Over Milwaukee

Reddit | Lionel_Hutzz

The person who posted this wrote, "Someone wrote 'Welcome to Cleveland' on a rooftop in Milwaukee near the airport so incoming planes would be able to read it and confuse passengers."

"The cat is very surprised by something!"

Reddit | SuperSeagull01

This cat looks like it has just walked right out of a Looney Tunes sketch. Either that or off the pages of a Dr. Seuss book!

"Appy Birthday!"

Reddit | /laiksnagi

I mean, this paper might actually still work if you're in London in the UK, or if you're in Australia maybe? It works in those accents!

"A farmer in my area puts this wooden giraffe head in his cornfield every fall, caught me by surprise first time I saw it."

Reddit | Nekronymph

I love the idea of a little old farmer being all pleased with himself for doing this and just staring out of his window, laughing and waiting for people to slow down and head over to it.

"Forgot I had a dentist appointment and didn't have time to change. They think I am crazy in the waiting room."

Reddit | Possibly_

But...why was he dressed up like this in the first place? I mean, it's a great pirate costume and all, but why?

"OK. Wait. What?"

Reddit | itim__office

I don't think that I've ever seen speed bumps that can be removed and replaced, so I don't know what the meaning is here, but I don't like it, whatever it is!

"The kitty litter bag broke so I put it in a bucket. I think the cat got confused."

Reddit | thirclejerk

"Wait, no! Stop!"


"...Well, I guess you're sort of doing it right... Keep going, I guess."

"John, we were past the point of me stopping regardless."

"This is scary..."

Reddit | alexandre577

I don't know what kind of person would think that this is an okay thing to joke about on the road? Like, seriously, what is wrong with this old woman?!

"Our cat is very confused with our new picture."

Reddit | Jetsetter_

"Hey, who is this guy? Why does he keep looking at me funny? If you wanna scrap, bud, come over here and start it then!"

"My brother's in the wine business. At tastings if he encounters insufferable wine snobs, this is his go-to move to confuse them."

Reddit | twilling8

"Yes, yes, the friction and texture differences cause carrying sounds against the glass. The only wines worth getting are ones that create a high-pitched tone."

"I work at a vet hospital. Just left the morning crew a little April Fools joke."

Reddit | baconkitty

Oh, these bunnies are about to find a new home all right, safe and sound right in my stomach.

"Surprise her!"

Reddit | Ianjh

Aw, you knew she'd been needing a new set of steak knives for a while. What a nice surprise! You're so thoughtful.

"The bottom half of the mirror at the hairdressers is glass. This happened when someone sat on the other side."

Reddit | theguywiththebowtie

It's alright, man. You can admit that you just like wearing skinny jeans. There's no shame in it and they make your legs look great.

"My friend got this letter in the mail yesterday."

Reddit | nydrewreynolds

Is anyone else jealous of how gorgeous and photogenic she is in that license photo? I didn't think anyone was allowed to look good on their ID!

"Girlfriend called Domino's to send me a heart-shape Valentine's Day pizza while I'm on a business trip."

Reddit | chopped_broccoli

In this instance, it really is the thought that counts, on both your girlfriend's part and Domino's. Wait, is your girlfriend Domino's?

"Nothing surprises me anymore."

Reddit | BudDeisel

The perfect vehicle for when you need to get your kids to soccer but also want to crush some cars along the way.

"My GF woke up before me and swapped herself for the dog."

Reddit | naytttt

Are you sure it's not just her time of the month? Y'know, her werewolf transformation?

"Kids wanted their crusts cut off? Surprise."

Reddit | Luketwil

The latest in clean eating: crust sandwiches! A surefire way to get all your daily grains.

"This man securely tied his dog outside Walgreens."

Reddit | senormilkshakes

That dog may be decked out in spikes, but with behavior like this you know he's a giant baby at home.

"Uncle Steve never really liked surprises."

Reddit | JetFalco

A new guitar, a tablet, video games...and someone got stuck with a harmonica. Merry Christmas!

"The new kitten has taken to sleeping in the dog's toy basket. This has left the dog a little distressed."

Reddit | Spyrulfyre

"Hey, the new toy is moving. And making noise without it being in my mouth? Is it supposed to do that?"

"I was confused until I realized it was for aroma and not wiping."

Reddit | thirdyearfreshman

I like the smell of pinecones as much as the next guy, but maybe next time it's worth just buying an air freshener for your public bathroom.

"Just in case anyone was confused, chainsaws are not acceptable."

Reddit | EB27

Aw, man! I'm trying to get to an ice sculpture competition! I can't go without my tools!

"Today my mom hit her toe with this and was bleeding.. I hate this kitchen so much."

Reddit | reemathenerd2

You'd have to put a sticker or something on that, wouldn't you? I mean, I couldn't be handling stubbing my toe on that on a daily basis!

"That must have been an unpleasant surprise..."

Reddit | shandreww

I dread to think what this thing did to the poor person's insides who first made this somewhat-easily-made mistake.