Women Are Loving This Hair Meme That's Leaving Men Stumped

We've all been on both sides of an inside joke but when everyone but you seems to get it, it suddenly seems super important to figure it out.

And a lot of fellas on Twitter faced that exact feeling when a meme about hairstyles and lost love started getting some buzz by making girls the world over laugh.

Now they know how their parents felt when they first discovered memes.

1. But really, how hard could this be? It's a meme with a familiar setup and we already know it's about cheating.

Twitter | @payt_xoxo

There, see? It's funny because the hair is different and...yeah, I don't get it either. Is there a cheater hairstyle?

2. To my relief, I found out I wasn't the only one who felt like I was missing something. 

Twitter | @Nkumbi_TS

The tweet's replies seemed neatly divided between a chorus of LOLs from the ladies and confused responses like this from the guys.

3. Finding no relief for their confusion, these lost boys soon called for backup. 

Twitter | @morgs2132

So a lot of people started getting pleading texts from their boyfriends to help unravel the mystery.

Although this one makes me even more confused. "You will be soon enough?"

4. And naturally, our bewilderment made the meme even funnier to those who did get it.

Twitter | @palemami

Man, I'll never make fun of that mom for thinking LOL meant "lots of love" ever again. Imma need to break out my decoder ring for this.

5. Once the hunt for the missing puzzle piece was on, the fellas started letting fly with their guesses.

Twitter | @brownsugaa55

Rob here gave it his best shot but ended up with a game show buzzer for his trouble. So the color has nothing to do with it.

6. Of course, all this meme detective work started making some folks a little hungry.

Twitter | @dylanftw87

Delicious and inspired as this guess was, it looks like that's not the answer, either. And now I'm craving pasta, so that's just great.

7. But just when it seemed like all hope was lost, a clue finally turned up!

Twitter | @twittamebri

OK, so, because the style on the left looks way better, that means the dude's cheating for a girl who's not on bae's level.

I think there's still something missing, though.

8. Well, never fear, because an angel of mercy descended to earth and put the lads out of their misery.

Twitter | @bobaballs_

The girl who lured bae away left the house with her curl job half-finished. Well, based on the replies, we know how she got away with it.