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10+ '80s Movies That Are Still Iconic Today

The '80s were a golden decade for film. So many standout films came out during this time, such as Die Hard and The Princess Bride.

Many of these films even influenced the movies and shows we binge today (Stranger Things, anyone?).

Without further adieu, here are 10+ '80s movies that are still iconic today. How many have you seen?

*Pretty in Pink* (1986)


No one understood teenage angst better than director John Huges.

This was also the movie that turned Molly Ringwald into a household name, as she played the quirky character Andy perfectly.

Add in an amazing soundtrack and other memorable performances and it's a classic.

*Back to the Future* (1985)


"I watched it again a few weeks ago and wept with the pure joy. Back to the Future is genius and stands the test of time. I just howled with laughter when Marty broke out the guitar solo at the dance." - Redditor Chateaudelait

*Coming to America* (1988)

If you want to see Eddie Murphy in his prime, this is the movie to watch.

It's a hilarious movie that will make you laugh so hard. For that reason alone, it's forever iconic.

*The Thing* (1982)

"Not just the practical effects, but the movie also featured smart characters in a horror movie. They understood the stakes, and used science and logic to try to survive. Horror writing just doesn't come close to that by today's standards." - Redditor justfordafunkofit

*Ghostbusters* (1984)

It says a lot when a reboot filled with SNL cast members can't even top the original film.

The 1984 film was funny, featured the perfect cast of off-beat characters, and the outlandish special effects were even iconic.

*Die Hard* (1988)


"Die Hard was such a trip when it came out. Looking back it may seem like it's "just" a stereotypical action movie that was done exactly right. But at the time it subtly redefined action movies, action heros and movie villains all at once." - Redditor dksprocket

*Aliens* (1986)


Alien was from 1979, or else we would have included it!

But that's okay since Aliens is also a classic. It had everything you could want in a film of its genre: sci-fi, horror, and feminist icon, Sigourney Weaver.

*The Terminator* (1984)


"Reading this takes me back. Terminator is such a good movie. It’s a science fiction, action, horror and a dystopian flick all in one. Maybe the best movie of its “genre” ever made." - Redditor meanjake

*The Burbs* (1989)


"The Burbs is still one of my favorite movies 30+ years later. Thanks to this movie, many nights were spent spying on the neighbor's yard. Never know when someone might be burying bodies!" - Redditor SunshineGirlie

*When Harry Met Sally* (1989)

As far as romantic comedies go, this one is worth the watch.

It has amazing social commentary, sharp dialogue, and we can't forget about the infamous orgasm diner scene. It was a big deal to show something like that in theaters back then.

*Indiana Jones: Raiders of the Lost Ark* (1981)


"Spielberg, George Lucas, and Harrison Ford, the biggest names in cinema in the 80s, at the top of their games, collaborated to create Indiana Jones. Raiders is one of the most culturally significant movies ever created and practically redefined the Adventure genre. If that isn't God tier I really don't know what is." - Redditor Jetsam5

*Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure* (1989)

There's a reason a third film is coming out this summer! The original film was just that iconic.

The cult-classic featuring Keanu Reeves and Alex Winter has been called one of the greatest comedies of the '80s.

*Blade Runner* (1982)

"Blade Runner defined a look and feel for cyberpunk that still carries weight today. Fantastic script, world generating music, and costumes that never aged." - Redditor subdep

Plus, Harrison Ford was such a babe back then!

*The Shining* (1980)

It's the movie most of us saw as kids and yet, we're still scared of it (including me, yes).

Jack Nicholson's performance was a masterpiece and the twists and turns kept us on the edge of our seats. It is legendary.

*Full Metal Jacket* (1987)


"The first half of Full Metal Jacket is far and away the most realistic portrayal of Marine Corps bootcamp you will ever see. There’s some definite artistic license (a recruit with ammunition and an unsecured weapon high on that list) but over all it completely nails it." - Redditor LilKingOfEverything

*Big Trouble in Little China* (1986)

"It is a completely insane premise, but the charismatic acting and likeable characters fit into the action and adventure very well along with the well-timed comedy. It's a purely fun film." - Redditor noshore4me

*Robocop* (1987)


"The effects are outdated, but in that perfect semi-cheesy way where you love it even more. It’s a fantastic movie, I didn’t watch it until 5 years ago (what a mistake) and I watch it easily 6 times a year now." - Redditor cmunk13

*Beetlejuice* (1988)

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You can't have Halloween without Beetlejuice!

Just like we watch Home Alone every Christmas, you need to watch this film every October 21.

It's outlandish, dark, and totally bizarre, but that's what makes this one of the best Tim Burton films.

*The Princess Bride* (1987)

20th Century Studios

This iconic film featuring House of Cards, Robin Wright, blended action, comedy, and romance perfectly. It's definitely a must-see.

The dialogue was also fantastic, as many of its lines uttered in the film are still quoted today. Inconceivable.