16 Pics Of Things Most Of Us Have Never Seen Before

Just when you think you've seen it all, the internet keeps churning out things that were never even on your radar.

It's a big ol' world out there, with ideas pouring out and being turned into reality faster than we can keep up, it turns out. Mind you, they're not all good ideas, but hey, as long as they're not doing any harm, why not?

1. This urinal has a sign pointing out that the water in it is not for drinking.

Reddit | EARTHB0Y

You know, just in case you were tempted to quench your thirst at the thing dudes pee into.

2. When you think about it, how many of us have taken the time to peel a lime?

Reddit | boldjarl

Usually you just see wedges jammed onto the rim of your Coke, right? This feels weird.

3. Admit it, you'd consider going out and gently asking your neighbor if everything was okay if you saw him vacuuming his lawn.

Reddit | mideonequalsratings

He's probably just trying to pick up some broken glass — at least, I hope that's what he's doing.

4. This streetlight must have a difficult time shining down on the street below through all that foliage.

Reddit | rrickitickitavi

Looks like some vines have moved in with no intention of moving out anytime soon.

5. You have to love Pulp Fiction, but do you love it enough to wear a shirt that has the entire script on it?

Reddit | Legin_666

That's cooler than a Big Kahuna burger washed down with a $5 milkshake.

6. Students in this classroom learn alongside an unusual feature — an old bank vault.

Reddit | Breannathenerd

I can't imagine many former banks become schools, and I really want to know what they use the vault for.

7. Whoever bought this Smart Car definitely gave it a unique look with a semi's cowling on top.

Reddit | PreviousCloud

I guess even cars can dream big dreams. But how would you like to see that in your rearview mirror?

8. The designers who integrated this staircase with a wheelchair ramp deserve an award.

Reddit | DavidMaspanka

Talk about a smooth, clever transition — wouldn't you love to see this on more buildings? This is a huge accessibility win.

9. How often do you see a blue stop sign?

Reddit | surfstyl12

Unlike that ramp/staircase, it's probably for the best to not see more of these. Talk about confusing. Apparently blue stop signs are more common in Hawaii, but only on private property.

10. This security camera is inside a car wash, so the lens has a wiper blade on it.

Reddit | ducktapeninja

I bet if you look around, you'd see more security cams with wiper blades, but who really notices them?

11. Unless you did some highly specialized digital music production back in the day, you've probably never seen a keyboard keyboard.

Reddit | Reddit

It's not exactly a rock star's instrument, but you have to think it would take some crazy skills to use it well.

12. Hope this person didn't pay for their screws by weight, because they kinda got screwed on this one.

Reddit | Skyy_S14

That's what a screw without any threading or a point on it looks like, for the record.

13. There can't be many Chinese restaurants that serve red fortune cookies.

Reddit | Cherpster

As long as it doesn't taste like mildly sweetened sytrofoam, it would be welcome after chop suey in my house.

14. This guy opened up his bag of Doritos and found a couple of pressed spice nuggets instead of chips.

Reddit | jeffchristensen

My question: How did he not feel that they were in there?

15. Cool artwork — literally — disguises this utility box as an ice chest.

Reddit | Reddit

Great work, but I doubt what's inside would be anywhere near refreshing. It's almost too inviting for safety's sake.

16. Looks like the pipe along this building's corner is blocked halfway up and is ready to explode.

Reddit | sevendaysworth

Fortunately, it's just an artist's installation — and, as a bonus, it lights up at night.