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Roast Marshmallows With A Campfire Fishing Rod

Anyone else tired of roasting marshmallows the old-fashioned way? Well, even if you aren't, you're about to be.

See, campfire fishing rods exist. And if you ask me, that sounds way more fun than your regular marshmallow sticks, whether we're talking metal or actual wooden sticks you found on the ground.

A fishing pole is just cooler. Sorry, y'all.

Welcome to fire fishing.

Brought to you by Fire Buggz, fire fishing poles are designed with the family in mind.

The handles are made of wood, while the poles are made of stainless steel.

And you can cook all sorts of things on them!

I mean sure, you could do marshmallows. Or you could cook hot dogs, kabobs — if you can dream it, you can grill it on a fire fishing pole.

They're a breeze to use.

Look at how easy that looks! Just kick back and wait for your food to cook, no sticks required. I'm just about ready to have a cookout on my patio at this point.

You can get them on Fun Buggz's site.

Fire Buggz

They currently have a lot of family packs available, including [this one].(https://firebuggz.com/collections/campfire-roasters/products/fire-fishing-four-pak-with-two-smogglezs) It comes with 4 poles and 2 pairs of "Smogglez," which are designed to protect your kids' eyes!

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