8+ Upcycled Objects That Make Uniquely Beautiful Terrariums

You: Want a terrarium. You also: Care about the environment.

So, let's add 1+1 and find us some sustainable ways of creating our own terrariums, shall we? From old coffee pots, to the mason jars we all bought too many of, to an old vase, these are the cutest (and easiest) ways to reuse what you already have to give your plant friends a new home!

Give a broken pitcher new life.

All Sorts of Pretty

This iced tea pitcher had poured its last glass, but that didn't mean it was the end of the road for it. Now, it's a home for some thriving plants!

Illuminate your greenery.

The Hipster Home

Get it? Illuminate? Okay, I'll stop. So. Anyway, this lightbulb terrarium was made out of a burned out lightbulb! Find out how to do it here, and be careful!

I'm sure we all have these to spare.

Home Hacks

Perfume and cologne bottles make for perfect tiny terrariums! Plus, those plugs look so stylish. Tops? Toppers? Let me know what you think those are called. Love you.

This terrarium is just a little boozy.

Well, on the outside! This is a crazy creative use of an old liquor bottle. If you're looking for a challenge, this is the perfect project for someone with a lot of patience. And I mean a lot.

Get your science on.

Etsy | PlantandColor

I don't know whether this is going to upset actual scientists, or give them ideas for decor for their home. Either way, these are super cool!

Get into some old glass jars.

Hometalk | My Husband Has Too Many Hobbies

Honestly, any old glass jar will do for this terrarium! You're going to need to do a bit of work, but never fear — there's a whole instruction guide right here to help you out!

It's a little teapot.

P&G Good Everyday

And it has a tiny fake turtle in it! I can't believe this list hasn't had a turtle in it yet. I'm glad that's been corrected. Anyway, meet the teapot terrarium!

Bust out the cookie jar.

I'm sorry for totally associating this type of cookie jar with the Kardashians, but I do. Yank those cookies out and turn your cookie jar into a terrarium!

Wine bottle, anyone?


So, this one might be hard for you to do, but I wouldn't say it's impossible. You just need to know how to cut glass safely!

Well, I said it was hard.

Even a water jug can hang with the cool kids.

Flickr | Kat Geiger

Wait. Or is this a milk jug? Either way, it used to hold liquid, and now it holds a gorgeous air plant. I'm gonna call this an upgrade.

Hang it on a tree!


Terrariums don't have to be big to have an impact! This tiny one lives inside a glass Christmas ornament. Imagine having one of these on your tree!

I think we all know what this was.

In case the label doesn't give it away, this tea canister has a new job! I love the metallic accents on it. It really sets it apart from other upcycled projects.

Shine some light on one.

Reddit | StellaStarlight9999

A terrarium lamp is so frickin' creative. This is Redditor StellaStarlight9999's first attempt at a lamp terrarium, and I gotta say: they totally nailed it.

This carnivorous plant is hanging out in a vase.

Flickr | Ken Marten

What a vase, and what a frickin' plant. It's a pitcher plant, aka a carnivorous plant! Maybe only do this one if you're prepared to care for one of those, okay?

Or, just kick it old school.

Instagram | @therapyrium

I mean, why not? After you're done knocking back your Coke (Coke Zero, for me), clean out the bottle and follow these directions to make your own plastic bottle terrarium.

Maybe don't put a quarter in this one.

Reddit | CapsLockStem

Unless you want your candy machine to dispense you some dirt, that is. This has to be the most creative terrarium ever, right?

This jar has nerdy inspiration.


It's Dagobah from Empire Strikes Back! How cool is that? This just proves that you can get seriously creative with the stuff you find in your backyard. Well, if your backyard is on an alien planet, at least.

Even fake plants can get in on the fun!

This amazing lantern terrarium may lack some real plants, but it isn't short on personality. If you don't have a green thumb, there's no shame in the fake plant game.

Coffee's up.

A Charming Project

So, before you try this, I'm going to recommend you invest in a de-scaler to get all of the grime out of that bad boy. After that, follow this tutorial from A Charming Project!