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10+ Comedy Actors Who Are Underrated In Hollywood

Comedic actors not getting the attention they deserve is no laughing matter. And yet, this happens in Hollywood all of the time.

People recognize the Kristin Wigs and Will Ferrells of the world, but few think of Mark Ruffalo or even Brad Pitt as comedic actors.

To help you get more laughs, here are 10+ underrated comedy actors. Let us know which ones you agree with!

Rose Byrne

Instagram | @fullrosebyrne

If anyone could make Helen from Bridesmaids likable, it was definitely this actress.

She's got great comedic timing, which is exactly why she shines so bright in Neighbours alongside fellow comedic great, Seth Rogen.

Mark Ruffalo

Instagram | @markruffalo

"I know he's in a lot of mainstream films, and I'm sure plenty of people think he's good, but I don't think they realize just how talented that guy can be." - Redditor yearightpunk

Channing Tatum

There's a lot more to this actor than just his six-pack.

This was made more than evident when he starred alongside Jonah Hill in the 21 Jump Street series. He was also hilariously charming in She's the Man.

Tom Cruise

"He gets a bad rep because of his eccentric personality and that people think he is a very one-dimensional actor. But I would say that no one plays a better "action hero" than he does. He was hilarious in Tropic Thunder and I am excited to see him in Rock of Ages." - Redditor Raylan_Givens

John C. Reilly

He's a huge part of the reason why people can quote every word from Step Brothers. He's a natural comedian.

In case you're worried he's not as good when not acting alongside Will Ferrell, just check out Walk Hard!

Brad Pitt

"Although it is not really the case anymore, but I thought it was worth mentioning. He is a fantastic actor that is much more versatile than most people think. He has really shown off his talents in the recent years." - Redditor Raylan_Givens

John Malkovich

Anyone who's seen the actor tell children a Christmas story on SNL knows that the actor is seriously hilarious.

Thanks to Space Force, fans have been raving about his performance in alongside the always-funny, Steve Carrell.

Sacha Baron Cohen

Instagram | @sashabaroncohen

"Guy is absolutely hilarious, but people often find him more insensitive than funny." Redditor Onion217.

He's the comedic genius behind the films, Borat, Bruno, The Dictator, and The Brothers Grimsby. He was also in Talladega Nights.

Nicholas Cage

Whether he's intentionally funny in movies or not, you gotta admit that the actor makes you laugh.

It's mainly why Jimmy Fallon decided to portray Nicholas Cage portraying Joe Exotic in a skit for his show.

Alan Tudyk

Instagram | @alantudyk

"No matter what movie or TV show I watch with him in it, his character always ends up being my favourite. He just brings so much life to roles." - Redditor no_objections_here.

He's been in Death at a Funeral and Firefly.

Robert De Niro

This legendary actor's got range. Sure, he was a speculator in Taxi Driver and Good Fellas, but if you want Robert at his comedic prime, catch him in Meet the Parents or Meet the Fockers.

He was born to play an overprotective father.

Ethan Hawke

Instagram | @ethanhawke

"He is THAT guy. If had to choose any actor to portray some sort of officer/agent/detective that gets in wayyyy over his head, it would be him." - Redditor brandnameb.

He's been in Dead Poet's Society and Training Day.

Ike Barinholtz

The actor has been in comedy since his Mad TV days and yet, he hasn't gotten the recognition that he deserves.

He stole the show in The Mindy Project and has been slowly dipping his toes in more films.

Jack Black

Instagram | @jackblack

"He was great in a serious role in Bernie, as well as usual comedy roles such as King Fu Panda and School of Rock. I appreciated that he was the only playable character in Jumanji to play up their player’s mannerisms to such a big degree." - Redditor BokuNoSudoku

Alison Brie

YouTube | The View

"I used to think she lost her plot when she starred in low rated comedies with her in skimpy clothes as one of the selling points (Get Hard, Sleeping with Other People,etc)

I thought she would get stuck in that kind of roles, but then comes GLOW and she is just simply amazing in it." - Redditor deleted.

Dave Franco

In case you didn't know this, Dave is actually married to Allison Brie.

Talk about a comedic duo! Dave has paved his own career apart from his famous older brother's. This has led to hilarious results.

Adam Sandler

Instagram | @adamsandler

"He blends comedy and tragedy so perfectly in every film. Comedy is the hardest genre to act and every performance of his is Oscar worthy. Jack and Jill may not have been a masterpiece but the acting on display was second to none." - Redditor KimmyTheRustler

Justin Timberlake

YouTube | justintimberlakeVEVO

Thanks to the skits he did with Jimmy Fallon on SNL, the world was introduced to a whole new side of Justin.

A hilarious side! He's got good charisma and the hilarious songs he made with Jimmy Fallon and Andy Samberg prove he's the whole package.

Kaitlin Olson


"It’s a shame The Mick was cancelled...I thought it was one of the funnier shows on at the time, along with Sunny. At that time she was on fire...I hope she does more projects." - Redditor tackthiratrix