People Reveal The Wildest Things They Got Away With As Kids

When you're a kid, it is possible to get away with a lot more than you should... Well, for some of us anyway.

One person took to Reddit to find out what some of the strangest things were that people got away with as kids by asking, "What's something you've gotten away with as a kid because 'they're young and don't know what they're doing!' when really you knew exactly what you were doing?"

Please find below a series of the funniest and most shocking responses that people had!

Sneaking On The Bus

Unsplash | Ant Rozetsky

"The First 2 years of elementary school I had to take the public bus two times a week to get to my school. So my Mum gave me money for the Ticket each morning I needed it. What she didn't know, I never once bought a Ticket and kept all the money. Two times I got caught, but pretended I didn't even know how to buy one and they let me go, because I was so young." ⏤desert3

Some people wondered how they got on without paying, and they wrote, "Back then you could get in with no Ticket, but had to buy it inside at a machine."

Torturing Their Grandfather!


"My grandfather was always grumpy and didn't like kids. So as he climbed the stairs, I'd pinch him on the butt with a pair of dad's needle-nose pliers. He'd yell, 'Drag your ass on outta here, ya damn lil kid!' But Mom would smile and say, 'He's just being cute'." ⏤Back2Bach

Hmmm, I wonder why it was that he didn't like little kids? This must have been painful, but the image is unavoidably funny.

Getting Two Lunches

Unsplash | Josh Appel

"My parents had weird schedules so for school, my mum usually packed my lunch in the evening and my dad would give me lunch money in the morning not knowing that I already had lunch packed. I continued that scam for a couple of months until I had enough money to buy a Wii which is when my parents noticed that they've been tricked by a seven year old but of course they didn't think I did it on purpose." ⏤CichaelMlifford

The fella in the shop must have been confused as hell when this kid came in and paid for a Wii in quarters and loose change!

Making Grown-Ups Spill Beer

Unsplash | Gerrie van der Walt

"I threw a water balloon during a birthday party at my friend's dad that I didn't like. Made him spill his drink. I was like 5 or 6." ⏤CuckingMeNancy

They went on to explain why they didn't like him as such: "He was my tee ball coach, and he made me play first but I couldn't catch."

Stealing From Thrift Stores

Unsplash | Tevarak Phanduang

"I stole a ball from a thrift store. I said I thought it was just someone’s lost ball since it was obviously not a brand new item in a store. However, I fully understood the concept of a thrift store." ⏤shicole3

Christ, there really are a lot of kids stealing things in this list, aren't there? It's almost like kids are the perfect thieves!

"She's Just A Kid..."

Unsplash | Devon Janse van Rensburg

"I was the victim of this. We were both kids but I was the older one. I had my head out of the window and my cousin rolled it up choking me till I was teary. I was livid but her mom didn't punish or discipline her coz 'she's just a kid'." ⏤StrawberryYogurt0

Ah, the old "She's just a kid" excuse. Christ, the amount of stuff that people get away with because of this is truly astounding!

Their Brother Breaking Their Arm

Unsplash | Shaylin Wallace

"I was on a trampoline, and my older brother kept pushing me whenever I tried to stand up. He repeatedly did this about 7 times, he pushed me all the way to the springs, I tried to stand up again, and he pushed me off the trampoline. Because of the way he pushed me, I was falling head first, so I reached above my head to protect my head from the impact. I broke my fall with my arm, and I broke my arm with my fall.

"Compound fracture, bone pierced the skin (it popped back in immediately after stabbing my skin, so I never got to see the bone).

"He told our parents that I was about to fall off the trampoline, and he tried to catch me but he accidentally pushed me. And my parents thought, 'he tried his best, but he's just a kid, so at least he tried to catch him'." ⏤Death_By_Pun

They went on to say that, to this day, they still try to not hold a grudge, but it's difficult!

Generally Being An Asshole To Cousins

Unsplash | R.D. Smith

"This reminds me of something I actually went through. There was a 6-year-old who used to step on me and my sister's feet (we normally didn't have socks on) TWIST so that it hurt more, then when we got mad at him he would say 'iM lItTle' with a smile." ⏤anime_dummy

Wow, this kid sounds like he probably turned out to be a right delight when older!

Zipping Siblings Into Suitcases

Unsplash | Arnel Hasanovic

"Zipped my sister in a suitcase and sent her down the stairs. Nothing happened and she was a bit traumatized but no physical injury on my part. Hers too I guess." ⏤Tetra3471

My applause goes out to the person who beat me to the joke on this one, and said that this must have really left her with a lot of emotional baggage.

Baking A "Cake"

Unsplash | Theme Photos

"I used a lot of things in the pantry to 'make a cake'. I had no idea what I was doing and I knew very well that it wasn't going to turn out any good. I made a mess with flour and sugar and chocolate and everything I could find that sounded cake-ey. My 'cake' was a disgusting blob with sprinkles and jam on top. I was kind of proud but I knew I had messed up. I even ate some of it. They made me clean but I was making it worse so I got help." ⏤LadyGarcha

You know what? I bet that they actually made a better cake than I would now! I wouldn't even know where to start.

Opening A Secret Shop In School

Unsplash | Mike Petrucci

"One time, I became a black market candy shop owner at school, of course my parents thought I didn't know better, but I had a whole business plan. Eventually, I made $400 bucks and my parents realized that I was becoming some sort of weird hustler that knew too much financially. I lost the touch as I got older though." ⏤u_gotta_believe101

Everyone had a shop like this in their school, didn't they? The guy in our school used to hang around by the music room staircase.

Slapping Their Teacher's Butt

Unsplash | BBC Creative

"My girlfriend works in a kindergarten. The boys are in love with her so first they started asking things like do you wanna go out and do you wanna be my girlfriend and such then it evolved to them slapping her in the butt every time they went past her.

"They are 6-year-olds." ⏤Neat_Emu

Yeah, she needs to put a stop to this behavior immediately. It doesn't matter how old they are! Thankfully, they said that she doesn't let them get away with it, even though others said that it was just a game to them. You need to stop this behavior early in kids.

Cutting Their Finger With Scissors

Unsplash | Markus Winkler

"I cut the tip of my finger with those small grooming scissors cause I wanted to see if it would hurt. It didn't, I just freaked out at the amount of blood coming outta my finger. Scared the hell out of my teenage brother at the time." ⏤Awkwardpenguinperson

One other person responded to this, writing, "I once saw a kid in my toddler class cut his upper lip in half with scissors. I still remember how messed up that looked to this day," and, I think I might be sick.

Stealing Easter Eggs

Unsplash | Leodgario Pescador

"Eating the giant chocolate egg my brother got from school, the second he went to get my mom to show it." ⏤Depressiekinder

I know adults who still do this sort of thing! Looking at you, Dad, you egg-thieving hound!

The Potty Conundrum

Unsplash | Giorgio Trovato

"When I was really little, a year or so into using the bathroom mostly on my own, I decided I wanted to use the potty again this time. But only the top part was there. Just the seat, no bowl to be found.

"Now I don't recall exactly what my motivation was, but I definitely remember I knew exactly what was going to happen as I decided the lack of bowl wouldn't be stopping this train and how hard it was to not to laugh and keep acting confused as my mom was patiently explaining how it worked and did I forget how to use the toilet while there was a puddle on the floor like I had made some honest mistake." ⏤fafalone

Finding The Cheat Codes For Their Dad

Unsplash | Aaron Burden

"When I was 3-4 years old I came up with this tactic I used on my dad whenever he got mad me for stuff where I would tell him, 'Me dijiste Gonzo' which basically translates to 'You called me Gonzo.'

"I don't know how I came up with that, I did like the Muppets and Gonzo was my favorite, but whenever I said that my dad was unable to hold back his laughter and he would just forget about whatever he was mad at because he found it so adorable.

"He loves talking about it to this day and doesn't know why he found it so funny, he just did." ⏤-eDgAR-

This person found a way to hack their dad's programming. That's incredible!

Framing Their Sibling By Faking Their Browser History

Unsplash | Agnieszka Boeske

"When my older brother and I were young teens, he kept getting yelled at for watching porn on the family PC. Our Catholic mom would check the browser history, find it, and yell at him and ground him. He insisted it wasn't him. He would then get punished for lying, because it wasn't Mom or Dad and it couldn't be the young, innocent, straight-A catholic high school attending sister.

"A few years ago I fessed up that I would google porn and click links to fill up the browser history and then go on my merry way, every time my brother pissed me off. Didn't even watch it. Just googled some boobs and then moved on because I knew she checked our browser history every night because... that's just what she did." ⏤mamblepamble

This person went on to say that when they finally confessed, "He just slowly blinked and stared into the distance and I watched the wheels turn in his head while his wife and I laughed."

Their Brother getting Away With Hitting Them With A Bat

Unsplash | 马 奔

"Throwing my brother with a swingball bat, it was an honest accident as my hands were sweaty. 2 weeks later, he threw me with the bat, because he was angry (he was 5, i was 9) and told my mom it slipped, like mine did, and what do you know? I got 4 stitches, and he got no punishment. He laughed at me after coming back from the hospital. That mf knew what he was doing. Still love him to bits and we are super close today." ⏤Timmy_94

Those swingball bats were deadly! I did the exact same thing as a kid except the bat hit our kitchen window and cracked it!

Pretending To Still Believe In Santa

Unsplash | Caleb Woods

"When I was 10 years old my parents pulled me aside one day and decided to break the news to me that Santa wasn't real and they were the ones that bought me the presents under the tree each Christmas.

"They held off as long as they could to tell me and thought that I was old enough to know the truth. I could tell it was so hard for them because they thought they were breaking a kid's heart. The thing is that I knew that for a couple of years already, I just kept pretending because I liked getting presents." ⏤-eDgAR-

I remember exactly where I was when I found out that Santa wasn't real, do you?

Mooning People On The Motorway

Unsplash | Markus Spiske

"I'd just watched some funny movie where there was a mooning joke. So there I am, in the backseat of my mom's car. We're going to meet up with the rest of the family for dinner at Sizzlers and there's remnants of the rush hour traffic, lo and behold my idiot 7-year-old self thinks it would be funny to moon someone in slow traffic.

"My victim followed my mom off the highway, to the Sizzler and approached her when she got out of the car 'DO YOU KNOW WHAT YOUR SON JUST DID?!?!' to which my mom told the lady to lighten up and told her to get lost." ⏤hobowithmachete

Can you imagine if the other person had crashed and they had had to explain afterwards that it was all because of a butt?

Selling Out Their Grandfather!

Unsplash | Hanson Lu

"My granddad lived with us when I was growing up and he was really a very mean spirited man and talked awful to most everyone including my sister and me. Once his brother who lived a few states away parked his RV in our yard for a few months and one time I overheard my granddad say he wished he’d move that ugly thing out of our yard.

"Well, when his brother came to visit I repeated this in front of both my granddad and my great-uncle and it embarrassed my granddad so bad. I left the room acting like I was just being a kid who accidentally let something slip but I knew what I was doing the whole time." ⏤1000BlueButterflies

Kids will repeat anything at the literal worst time possible! There have been many awkward family encounters caused by this!

Pretending To Be Sleepwalking

Unsplash | michael podger

"I was 5, it was the middle of the night at my auntie's house and I needed to go to the bathroom. What do I do? I pee in the hallway. My aunt, cousins and my mom come home to find me dropping a gallon on the floor and the best excuse I come up with is I was sleepwalking I think. Till this day, everyone buys it." ⏤ElRussianAmbassador

But...why? I'm also floored that anyone bought the sleepwalking excuse. That is the oldest trick in the book!

Pooping Their Pants

Unsplash | Daiga Ellaby

"I was 5 when I pooped in my pants to see what happened. To my surprise, there was poop in my pants. My mom screamed and my dad laughed so hard he cried when I looked uncomfortable, took a step and it came out the bottom of my jeans." ⏤coochieforbreakfast

This one was actually written by the person who asked the question in the first place. So, for anyone not sure of what happens when you poop your pants...this is it.

Painting The Dog

Unsplash | Joe Caione

"When I was really young my cousin was my neighbor and they would leave their giant dog outside so he could run in the woods and enjoy the yard while they were out. Me being 6 and just given the newfound power of leaving my yard to go to my cousins as long as I didn't cross the road. Long story short cousin and family wasn't home I went over painted their black dog with white paint and they blamed my older cousin for doing it." ⏤A-Late-Wizard

This person added, "Literally 2 years ago reconnected with my cousin after years as we were smoking a doobie he mentioned the incident i admitted to it and he started laughing and telling me how they always mention him painting the dog."

Framing Their Sibling With Crayons!

Unsplash | Kristin Brown

"I wrote on the wall three big C's in blue crayon when I was about 3 or 4. My name starts with a C so it looked like my sister was trying to get me in trouble. Wasn't me who got yelled at that night." ⏤Llamamilkman

This is some evil-genius-in-the-making behavior right here!

Breaking Eggs

Unsplash | Jakub Kapusnak

"When I was maybe like 3-4 years old, I remember going to the fridge for a snack at maybe 3 in the morning. I accidentally knocked a WHOLE carton of eggs onto the floor. I kind-of just pushed the broken eggs and stuff under the fridge with paper towels. All of it. It was hidden pretty well if I remember correctly. I don't remember any aftermath from the incident though... weird." ⏤Narfraccoon

Either the eggs are still there to this day, or one of this person's parents got blamed for it!

The Curse Of The Older Sibling

Unsplash | Kylo

"I'm the oldest sibling, can't relate." ⏤swervefire

There were plenty of people sharing their lamentation at the fact that they would also always get blamed for whatever their younger brother had done.

The Ice Cream Bandit

Karly Gomez | Unsplash

"I don't know if this fits because I don't remember it at all, but when I was around 3 or so my sister (10 years older) kept getting blamed for eating all the ice cream, and would deny it, which made my mom mad.

"Then one day, my mom rounds the corner into the kitchen then quickly pulls back to watch little 'ole me drag a chair from the table over to the freezer, grab a spoon from the drawer, open said freezer and dive into the ice cream, finish and put the ice cream back, close the freezer, lick the spoon and put it back into the drawer, and pull the chair back over to the table.

"It was almost the perfect crime." ⏤scarreddragon28

"Just Don't Burn The House Down!"

Unsplash | Chris Karidis

"Pretty much anything as long as the house did not burn down. I am the youngest of nine kids and by the time my parents got to me they were just too damned tired." ⏤reddit01234543210

I can just imagine one of the kids coming in and saying, "You know that thing you said about not setting fire to the house?" and the parents just rolling their eyes and grabbing a fire extinguisher.

Playing The System!

Sai De Silva | Unsplash

"I used to wait until my mom showed up at the babysitters to pick us up to ask for snacks. She would never give them to me throughout the day but she wouldn't say no when my mom was standing there." ⏤m0neal449

Was there anything that you used to get away with as a kid that makes you laugh looking back? If so, let me know in the comments below!