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10+ Stars Turning 80 In 2020

With the topic of celebrity deaths trending on Twitter lately, let's focus on something a little more positive, shall we?

Enter: these 10+ stars turning the big 8-0 in 2020.

We've got everyone from Alex Trebek to Nancy Pelosi to James Brolin. Al Pacino is even in the 80s club!

This list will definitely have you saying, "time really flies."

Al Pacino

The famed actor is one of the many celebrities who had to celebrate his birthday during the coronavirus pandemic.

Someone with such a talented and accomplished career as he's had definitely deserved an amazing celebration! Maybe next year.

Ringo Starr

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The Beatles drummer will celebrate his 80th birthday on July 7.

Believe it or not, he's still making music to this day. He even recently released his album "What's My Name." In addition to this, he still goes on tour.

Nancy Pelosi

The politician turned 80 on March 26.

She's done a lot in her lifetime, such as making history for being the only female speaker of the United States House of Representatives.

She's also the highest-ranking elected woman in United States history.

Sir Patrick Stewart

Not only is Sir Patrick Stewart turning 80 on July 13, but he's also still working away! And obviously, he's amazing at what he does.

The X-Men and Star Trek star has returned to TV with the CBS All Access series, Star Trek: Picard.

Chuck Norris

He may have turned 80 on March 10, but that doesn't mean you should mess with the martial artist.

You'll still end up with a good whopping from the Walker, Texas Ranger star. The memes about his power will never stop.

Michael Gambon

The actor who portrayed Professor Albus Dumbledore in the final six Harry Potter films will turn 80 on October 19.

That's the plan, anyway. Who knows if he'll use some magic to turn himself back to 20.

Martin Sheen

The actor will turn 80 on August 3, and wow, has he had an incredible life so far.

While he's well-known for being Charlie Sheen's father, his acting career deserves attention.

He's been the recipient of many Emmys and Golden Globes awards during his career.

James Caan

Like Nancy, the actor also turned 80 on March 26.

He's been in a lot of movies during his long acting career, but you'll probably recognize him most from his role as Buddy the Elf's dad in Elf.

James Brolin

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The actor is turning 80 on July 18. He's an actor, producer, and director, as well as Josh Brolin's father and Barbara Streisand's husband.

Friends fans will also recognize him as the man who pretend-knocked-up Phoebe. Good times.

James Cromwell

If you grew up watching the Babe pig movies, then you'll recognize this actor as the farmer. He was also in Star Trek: First Contact.

He turned 80 at the beginning of the year on January 27.

Raquel Welch

It's so crazy to think that the actress/singer is turning 80 on September 5.

Look how gorgeous she is for her age! This makes sense considering she was known as a sex symbol back in the day.

Tom Jones

The Welsh singer turns 80 on June 7.

As a passionate performer, he's still making music to this day and will likely celebrate his birthday with some sort of musical-themed bash! Maybe he'll go on tour soon!

Dakin Matthews

Gilmore Girls fans, get ready to feel really, really old, as if you didn't already just by knowing when the show ended.

Headmaster Charleston is turning 80 on November 7.

The actor is also known for his work as a playwright, director, and theatrical scholar.

Smokey Robinson

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Nothing can stop Robinson; not even turning 80, which took place on February 19!

The singer is still performing his hit shows all over the world and he was even part of Oprah's Masterclass Series. He looks amazing.

Dionne Warwick

Instagram | @therealdionnewarwick

This six-time Grammy award-winning singer turns 80 on December 12, if you can believe it. She's most known for her songs, 'Walk On By' and 'I Say a Little Prayer.'

Hopefully, her birthday doesn't get lost in the Christmas shuffle!

Nancy Sinatra

The daughter of music legend Frank Sinatra will celebrate her 80th birthday on June 8.

A true talent, she was able to forge her own path apart from her father's in the music industry. This brought about the iconic song, 'These Boots Are Made for Walking.'

Alex Trebek

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The Jeopardy host is turning the big 8-0 on July 22.

This is a huge milestone for the star who has sadly been publically battling pancreatic cancer ever since he was diagnosed in March 2019. We're so happy to see him doing well!

Tom Brokaw

The famous news anchor turned 80 on February 6.

He's most known for anchoring NBC Nightly News.

He's also won numerous awards during his career, such as an Emmy for Outstanding Instant Coverage of a News Story - Programs for "Dateline NBC: Killing at Columbine."