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Reese Witherspoon Sued By Teachers Over Pandemic Dress Giveaway

Unfortunately, it seems like sometimes people can try really hard to do the right thing and still end up with people who are unhappy with them, even if those people are celebrities. Maybe even especially when they're celebrities, since their actions will be under a microscope.

It looks like Reese Witherspoon might be finding out that no good deed goes unpunished!

Reese, through her brand Draper James, had attempted to show some gratitude to the teachers of the world.

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"These past few weeks have shown me so much about humanity. I'm an eternal optimist, so I always look for the bright side of things," Reese had explained, announcing a giveaway where teachers filled their information into a form in order to submit an entry.

"Advocating for the children of the world is no easy task, so I wanted to show teachers a little extra love right now," she continued.

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"I have been so encouraged by the ways people are really showing up for each other. Particularly the teachers," she said. "During quarantine, teachers are broadcasting lessons from their own homes and figuring out new remote-learning technology and platforms on the fly, all while continuing to educate and connect with our kids."

It didn't work out quite as expected.

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According to TMZ, "Three women are putting together a class-action lawsuit against Reese and her Draper James clothing company" for the giveaway, claiming that Draper James did not make it clear that there were only 250 dresses to be given away.

However, the contest did say that it would only run while supplies last.

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The women filing the suit, however, claim that the 250 dresses only amount to an "estimated paltry $12,500 in actual cost" to Reese "at a time when other individuals of [Reese] Witherspoon's renown were offering millions of dollars to COVID-19 victims."

The women are also allegedly claiming that Draper James may have sold the information used to enter.

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Draper James' attorney responded, saying, "This lawsuit is an unjust attempt to exploit Draper James' good intentions to honor the teacher community by gifting hundreds of free dresses. The fact that supplies were limited, such that a free dress could not be provided to every teacher who responded, was disclosed."

The attorney continued:

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"Draper James looks forward to defending this case, to continuing its efforts to acknowledge the extraordinary contributions made by teachers during this time of need, and to being vindicated in court."

Fans of the actress have taken to social media to defend the star.

One fan tweeted that the women involved in the lawsuits were all "Karens," referencing a meme about entitled middle-aged women.

It is a bit strange to sue a giveaway because you don't think there were enough winners!

Fans were not happy.

One fan quoted the contest regulations, adding, "(Offer valid while supplies last – winners will be notified on Tuesday, April 7th) Should be an open and shut case. Hope she counter sues for defamation of character and emotional distress."

Some fans however felt that if Draper James sold the information, that was shady.

However, another fan wrote, "If one is concerned about one's privacy, maybe not participating in give aways might be good place to start?"

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