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'Cops' Canceled After 32 Seasons

There are some things that feel like they've just always been around and will always be around, and some longstanding television programs are definitely in that list. Recent news has proved that even some of the most iconic shows aren't safe from cancellation.

The long-running realtiy television show classic Cops has been canceled after an impressive 32 season run, Variety has confirmed.

Since 1989, *Cops* has been a staple of reality television.

The show followed police officers around as they chased down and arrested hundreds of potential criminals over the years, although the podcast Running From Cops has noted that the show can edit their footage however they see fit to maintain a positive light for the law enforcement involved.

The cancellation announcement comes four days after Paramount Network had pulled it from the schedule.

Paramount Network

Cops is not on the Paramount Network and we don’t have any current or future plans for it to return,” a spokesperson for the network said in a statement, and although they didn't give a concrete reason for the cancellation, it may have to do with the same reason another network pulled a similar show.

A&E has also temporarily suspended its popular *Live PD* show.


Live PD, similar to Cops, follows law enforcement officers during their shifts, only Live PD follows them in a live, real-time broadcast rather than edited episodes.

A&E revealed that they had chosen to not air episodes of Live PD amid worldwide anti-police brutality protests.

Some fans have taken the cancellation news positively, while others are upset.

While some quickly made jokes surrounding the famous theme song of the show, others were more sad about the loss.

"My favorite show. I don't have cable but I paid through Amazon to subscribe. Not going to go 'hipster' but it was a great sociological insight into America," one fan tweeted.

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