16+ People Who Realized It’s A Whole New World

The world is always changing, and it is important to keep up, lest you turn into the person calling up tech support every five minutes that you swore you would never become! (I'm that person by the way, so there's no judgment here...)

With that in mind, please enjoy these 16+ people who realize it's a whole new world!

"My friend is recently unemployed. He's taken it upon himself to discover new things in life."

Reddit | HazeGrey

This guy has lived more than many others already in his short time of experiencing freedom! I can see a long life of relaxation, and baths, ahead!

"I've lived across from this building for 6 months. Just got new glasses today, and realized that these windows are painted on, and not real!"

Reddit | BetterDayz4me

There is nothing quite like getting your eyes tested after a long time and getting new glasses to really open up a new world to you!

"Headstone of the future."

Reddit | Mustard-Tiger

Pfft, I wouldn't like to have a measly 92% positive eBay feedback on my tombstone for all to see! Also, I don't think I'd want my number of Tinder matches on there...

"It took me a minute to comprehend that my 5yo had invented a new hands-free iPad technology..."

Reddit | MerryAntoinette

Kids really are getting better and better with using technology in new and inventive ways, aren't they? Even if that technology is just a glass table.

"The first time he realized he had made a huge mistake..."

Reddit | PikaXeD

You never forget the first time that you make a truly terrible decision! I, for instance, still remember grabbing a lightbulb as a kid 'cause I thought it was a good idea... It wasn't.

"Future is now!"

Reddit | KawaiiNapkins

I've actually been looking for someone to fix my flying saucer! It keeps making an unsettling rattling sound when I approach lightspeed.

"We can rebuild him; we have the technology."

Reddit | maruchanboy

Well, he doesn't look very pleased with having been turned into the Six Million Dollar Cat!

"When you start realizing stuff..."

Reddit | oddaud1017

That dog is quickly realizing that life is not all that it was cracked up to be! You're born, you're laughed at, you die!

"We are living in the future!"

Reddit | FatPhil

Wow, I wish I had one of these. The only show my microwave plays is of food spinning around and it's not very exciting!

"Today I spent the entire day with a melted Milk Dud on the back of my pants, at what point did you realize you'll have to start a new life somewhere else?"

Reddit | despoil8777

I think that this is the point where you realize you have to start a new life! I know people who've started new lives for much less than this!

"Realized too late there was no toilet paper. No matter, there's a box of tissues here. Bad decision."

Reddit | bcramer0515

Time was, tissues were just tissues, but not nowadays. Nowadays you'll end up with Vicks burning your rear when you least expect it!

"That moment when you realize your childhood is over."

Reddit | arrogantgrater

It is a truly heartbreaking moment for anyone the moment that they realize they need to grow up. However, for this lad, it was also a horrifically embarrassing moment!

"My niece discovered the cat door today."

Reddit | xAmericanNightmarex

This would be like finding a hatchway into a new world for a baby! Imagine the shock of discovering this whole world was just on the other side of this little hatch!

"Found this at an air show."

Reddit | Tankgunner0330

Technology really has come such a long way over recent years, hasn't it! It's amazing the things we can now build...then turn invisible.

"After most of my sons socks went missing, my wife discovered sock heaven."

Reddit | rgsoloman5000

Nobody told me that there was a sock-sucking dimension built into my dryer! I'll be back in a minute, I just need to check something...

"My mother got embarrassed when she 'found my girlfriends panties' on our kitchen table."

Reddit | TommyNoble21

I think your mother is going to be more weirded out when she goes to the store and sees everyone wearing "panties" over their heads.

"So I'm at the zoo and realized the cheetah exhibit is awfully close to the food exhibit."

Reddit | aStonedDeer

Apparently they do this on purpose, one person roughly explained: "The prey animal is generally upwind and downslope from the hunter. It's enrichment for the hunter, as many of those types of animals (especially the big cats) can get very depressed if their stalking needs aren't met."

"Found in my 9 y.o.'s backpack. Solid business model."

Reddit | dentiteoz

Pfft, this 9-year-old hasn't done anywhere near enough research to guarantee this plan will lead to success. Get with the times, kid! How embarrassing.

"My husband and I discovered you can get photo shower curtains."

Reddit | Elatedonion

Sometimes something as simple as a new shower curtain can give you a new way of looking at the world!

"A new element has been discovered!"

Reddit | georgke

The discovery of a new element that has such importance as this is sure to rock the entire scientific world!

"So...I recently discovered my dog likes carrots."

Reddit | OopsIArted

Just look at how that dog is looking at that carrot! The first time it tried a carrot must have been the most eye-opening experience on the planet for this pooch!

"My dad and I found an invisible bench!"

Reddit | PfdrMike

Once you realize that benches aren't real and are just a state of mind, then you can really start seeing the world in a new light!

"I have seen the future of fashion."

Reddit | HossCo

Either he has drawn this on himself or he bought it like this...and, either way, he has proven himself as a man with absolutely no taste.

"Only when my roommate went shopping did I realize I live with a terrible person."

Reddit | good_morning_magpie

Well, looks like this person will be looking for somewhere else to live. I mean, there's no way you could live with someone like this, surely?

"My boss bought 50 chairs in an online auction. It wasn't until we went to pick them up that we realized it was at an elementary school."

Reddit | nevermatter

Well, the people in this office had better get used to the idea of living in a tiny world, as there are no returns on this purchase!

"He said his daughter has only seen these in movies."

Reddit | apaxtino

Phone booths are one of those things that I know still exist, but never see anyone using. Does anyone still use them?

"Left beer in cooler outside. Wife found it."

Reddit | kd9dux

This person's discovery may have completely revolutionized the way that I approach chilling my beer from now on!

"New Technology In Life."

Reddit | Wallarit

That would make for one incredibly expensive game of 52-card-pickup!

"Stuck googly eyes to the bottom of my dogs mouth. What have I created?"

Reddit | Abbiebear

He looks like an Aardman Animations character. Tell me this doesn't remind you of Wallace from Wallace and Grommit.

"I was going to build a massive labyrinth in my office but couldn't find enough cardboard. Erected this awesome fortress instead."

Reddit | bigjoshhhhhhhhh

So, uh...where do you work? Are they hiring? Asking for a friend. Definitely just a friend.

"My toddler was helping me clean the garage and discovered I have one of those plastic magnifiers."

Reddit | buterbetterbater

It's great to see your baby having as much fun as you are with it. Always nice when families share passions.

"Took a photo of Butters the corgi while she was swimming on panorama mode. Created a Corgi-pillar."

Reddit | ceanders

Or a corgi-log. Corgi-snake. Corgi-eel. Each new idea I come up with is worse than the last.

"I walked inside for 5 minutes and my wife discovered a new way to hold her wine glass. Cheers to innovation."

Reddit | Deanothedino

Completely hands-free, integrated right into the outfit, secure... Someone should market this!

"My grilfriend created a faux-lap so our puppy has a place to sit at all times. He refuses to leave it."

Reddit | harambefor2022

"I've replaced you two. This lap never gets up while I'm sleeping, is nice and quiet, and is more comfortable. I expect you to be gone by the weekend. Please start packing your things."

"Necessity is the mother of invention."

Reddit | edookatedfool

Hey, I get it. Standing desks are expensive. This way you get all the benefits without dropping hundreds of dollars.

"My sister finally discovered her purpose in life."

Reddit | FaveFoodIsLesbeans

Might as well embrace it now. Pigeons are chill. Plus, didn't that lady end up being one of the heroes of the movie? She's a role model if anything.

"Discovered a trap door while redoing my floor, so I'm leaving a surprise for the next owner that remodels."

Reddit | fivestringsofbliss

I think you went a touch too far here. Some numbers plus the scratchy "welcome home" would have done just fine, would have left something to the imagination.

"Over the last week our kitten has learned she can climb."

Reddit | godofleet

It's the day you always dread as a cat parent. You hope they don't go down that path, but they run into one bad influence and suddenly they're up in the cabinets. I blame the squirrels.

"How I discovered my wife and her co-workers were in a Fitbit activity contest."

Reddit | Jmersh

If she thinks she's the only one doing this, she's in for a surprise. They're all going to come back absolutely exceeding their goals and realize their trick isn't so secret after all.

"My wife recently heard that you can order Girl Scout Cookies online."

Reddit | LumpusKrampus can what now? Um, I'll be back, I have an order to place.

"Some 'inspirational' Home decor I made. Just for fun."

Reddit | Shancar

I see a very successful Etsy store in this user's future. I mean, I'd buy one.

"Heads up, if you let your child pour their own syrup they will invent 'Pancake Soup'."

Reddit | Skappers

This is news to you? Kids will do absolutely anything to get more sugar in their system. It's like fuel to them.

Stairs Of The Future!

Reddit | Schikelgrubber

The only thing that annoys me is that, shouldn't it surely go, "run, walk, text" so that it's going in descending order of speed?

"Kids work together to create eternal recess."

Reddit | tab527

Maybe all those school lessons about teamwork, organization, and chasing your dreams aren't working the way the teachers thought they would.

"My teacher friend thought a student was checking the time too often during a test..."

Reddit | Kylo_Melv

Pah, there used to be an art to cheating back in the day! There used to be people copying out tiny notes into ingenious places such as under their nails or the underside of bottle caps. This is just lazy.