Miniature 'Baby' Succulents Are Irresistibly Adorable

Am I being pranked? I thought succulents couldn't get any cuter, and then they went and did this. What the heck?

I don't know about you, but I haven't seen a lot of pictures of succulents in their baby stage. Now that I have, I am having a full breakdown about how cute they are. It's like looking at tiny puppies!


Etsy | QueenofSucculents

Can you hear me screaming? Look how tiny they are! And there's so many different kinds! Pointy ones! Chubby ones! Long ones! Short ones! Ones that kind of look like bananas!


Etsy | StellarPlantHouse

Sorry, I'm just really excited about how small these are. StellarPlantHouse sells these tiny little plant friends as party favors. They come shipped in a small pot and wrapped in burlap! I want one! Should I get one?

You can buy groups of baby cuttings, too.


ITWINZ on Etsy sells succulent cuttings in groups of 15. You can get them in three different colored pots for $11.99. Imagine a whole succulent garden using these? I'm nuts about it.

Of course, you can get them from the queen, too.

Etsy | QueenofSucculents

That's the QueenofSucculents on Etsy, for the record. She sells groups of 12 cuttings for $24.99. She also includes instructions for how to grow them!