Crochet 'Water Balloons' Are A Sustainable And Fun Summer Activity

I know what you're thinking: crochet water balloons? What?

But go with me: these things are actually genius. Etsy sellers have tapped into a previously unexplored avenue: sustainable water balloons! Goodbye, plastic waste. Hello, infinite fun.

So, how do these things work? And what do they look like? Let's find out together.

I wasn't expecting them to look so cute.

Etsy | MamaLoveBoutique

Look how tiny and adorable it is! So, crochet water balloons are kind of a big deal on Etsy, where tons of sellers have different colors available for you to check out.

There's no filling required.

Etsy | Jacksmamas

Instead, you simply soak your crochet water balloons and just... throw them. No popping, no filling, no shreds of plastic left behind. It's the epitome of simple, clean fun!

You can also buy a pattern to make your own!

Etsy | CraftedwithSomeCrazy

If you're more of a DIY-er, there are many patterns available for you to make your own! This one is by CraftedwithSomeCrazy on Etsy, and is available for $1.99.

You can get yours on Etsy.

Etsy | Jacksmamas

The ones I featured here are from Jacksmamas. You can buy them individually at $2.33 or in packs of 5 for $10.88.

Have fun, and remember: Don't aim for the head!

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