DIY 'Book Nook' Chair Has Everything You Need For A Rainy Day

There are many people out there who live for rainy days. I am not one of those people, but if you nodded while reading the first line, then rainy days provide you the exact opposite of the exhaustion and low mood they give me.

Rainy day people love hearing the pitter patter of rain droplets on windows while they nestle up with a cup of tea and a good book, which makes this next DIY a must-have item .

If you love books, then a DIY "book nook" chair is the perfect piece of furniture.


It's basically a throne complete with multiple shelves to store your book collection, or at least a good chunk of it.

A DIYer by the name of Darko shared a detailed tutorial laying out how to make it yourself.

Darko's version comfortably holds 18 feet of books, measuring 41.5 inches wide, 34.5 inches long, and 29 inches high.

You can really get creative with the colors of the wood and the fabric for the chair to suit your personal style.

Instagram | @dailystepsblog

If you're an expert DIYer or know someone who is, you could also completely cover the arms to create a built-in table for drinks, and even build a shelf on the back to place a light and other decorations.

When all else fails and you don't want to build one yourself, you can always rely on Etsy to have what you need.

Etsy | TheLibraryChair

However, be warned — they don't come cheap! This one by Etsy seller TheLibraryChair is $3,500.

This really is the ultimate reading chair! All it needs is a foot stool to help you really get comfy..

Instagram | @readingonmyporch

What else would you need to accompany your book nook shelf? Let us know!