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Fans Are Concerned After NASCAR Driver Bubba Wallace Appears To Faint On TV

Beloved NASCAR driver Bubba Wallace had fans concerned this past weekend after the 26-year-old gave a concerning interview after a race on Sunday. It appeared that the driver had fainted on camera while giving a post-race interview.

Fans quickly went to social media to inquire about the driver and his health condition. Needless to say, it was a stressful time for NASCAR fans!

Bubba Wallace is not new to the NASCAR scene and has acquired a huge fanbase since his first race back in 2013.

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His fans love his refreshingly candid attitude when discussing his mental health issues in the past.

Bubba is also a vocal supporter of the Black Lives Matter movement, especially in light of the recent protests and riots in honor of George Floyd.

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The 26-year-old is also calling for confederate flags to be abolished from NASCAR races, as it is a universal sign of racism and can make attendee's fell uncomfortable.

It's easy to see why so many love Bubba, which is what made the following video of him so concerning to so many fans:

People were tweeting that it appeared the driver had fainted during his post-race interview, most likely due to heat exhaustion.

"I'm no doctor, but when he couldn't speak and his eyes were blank... That was scary," wrote one fan.

"Probably so overwhelmed, my prayers for you Bubba Wallace," tweeted another.

Thankfully, it seems Bubba is ALL GOOD NOW U GUYS! THANK GOSH!

After he fainted, Bubba explained to Fox reporter Jamie Little what happened: "I don’t even know. Long race I guess. I stood up too fast."

"Well, I guess I was told I was going to do media, and sat down and got up too fast, and I got dizzy, got lightheaded. I feel fine now. Quick scare for everybody.”

We're so glad to hear this LEGEND is doing amazing, sweetie.

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