15+ People Who Didn’t Get Their Fair Share

Sometimes life is unfair, for instance when you're running late and you get all of the red lights on your way to work, or when all of your lottery numbers are off by one!

So, please enjoy this menagerie of misery, as I present you with these 15+ people who didn't get their fair share!

"Tiny human steals cat's bed at nap time."

Reddit | KoraWhore

I cannot believe that this cat is being so chill about this at all. If this were my cat, that baby would have been covered in scratches.

"Because sharing sucks..."

Reddit | riceomatic69

Dude, just wake up your girlfriend and ask her if she wants some and then order extra! Don't be such a pizza hog.

"Teaching them young that life isn't fair."

Reddit | vinsite

This kind of question sucks. Also, that is one hell of a messed up sad face that they have drawn on this kid's work!

"To be fair my wife did think this paddling pool was suspiciously cheap."

Reddit | Mea05cer

So...who is this pool for? Is it for ants? Why would a person ever need one of these? It even looks too small for children!


Reddit | eroux

One person wrote, "I worked as a meter reader in Australia for a few months and got bitten by a red back. I remember the doc trying to talk it down by saying 'don’t worry, the spider venom won’t actually kill you, it’ll just cause a cardiac arrest'."

"At a Ren Faire and told my sister to pose with her boyfriend. She wondered why I chose such a low angle..."

Reddit | thejohnblog

How many times a day do you think that the person who runs this glassblower stall hears or sees a joke along these lines?

"My 17 yo only wanted money for Christmas. Fair enough, but he’s gonna have to work for it..."

Reddit | lostinthesauce42

I mean, it's there, but...why? I just don't understand why they would feel the need to do this. Is it just me?

"In fairness, that is what I said."

Reddit | jengi

"Oh, what a lovely first name. It sounds so unique and strange. What is the meaning behind it?"


"Mmm, simply divine."

"This dad saw his daughter at our local fair and didn't like what she was wearing."

Reddit | amh404

Nah, I'm not buying it. He just wanted to wear a crop top! There's nothing wrong with that, my man, embrace it!

"Marriage is about sharing (almost) everything."

Reddit | bizcat

Look, when you get married to someone you need to share absolutely everything... That includes entire slabs of cake.

"That's so evil."

Reddit | dat_sylveon

What kind of absolute psychopath decided that this was a good idea? This is going to be the death of many people's ankles and legs.

"I'm on a 13 hour flight from LA to Shanghai. Fortunately China Eastern Airlines hooked up this amazing Club Sandwich for my meal."

Reddit | mike_oc23

I would make some comments about what the deal with airline food is, but I don't want to just turn into Jerry Seinfeld.

"Sarah (dog) stole a bite of Stella's food and Stella came running to me in the kitchen to literally bitch about it."

Reddit | jamiejo389

That cat on the bottom right looks like it is about to say in the whiniest voice, "Moooooomm."

"My GF ordered some ankle weights for running and somehow got sent this instead...trying to convince her to just go out running with the hammer."

Reddit | Tex_

Just for a second, can we take a moment to appreciate how miserable the kid looks on the box for this product? Could he look any more morose?!

"My son figured out this trick today!"

Reddit | TheFidget99

How many people will be getting flashbacks to arguments with their siblings just by looking at this picture I wonder?

"Something has been stealing cat food and leaving mystery poops in the garage. Finally caught the culprit in the act. I was not expecting this."

Reddit | PuppyCurbStomp

People were wondering how they hadn't noticed a hole big enough for a turtle to get through, so they responded "We keep the garage door raised a few inches on hot days so the cat can get some shade."

"20 years ago my friend got her bubble tape taken away by her dad for not sharing. Today he gave it back to her. It’s so old It turned green."

Reddit | epfourteen

Guys, if you're eating cotton candy that is this color...then, dear God, stop eating it. It has either gone off spectacularly or it just wasn't cotton candy in the first place!

"I work at a subway, we got this special request."

Reddit | greenpeppers100

In this instance I'm sure that you can't be annoyed if the sandwich turns up just 100% cheese!

"Pregnant wife ordered cheese fries, this isn't going to end well..."

Reddit | Nocab_

I mean, I know that on paper this could technically be described as cheese fries... However, it is wildly underwhelming!

"There were two edibles in here last night. Someone in my family is having an interesting day..."

Reddit | reeeeeeeee-bruh

On the one hand, it would be very annoying to find that someone had nicked an edible. On the other hand, the image of a family member being stoned at work is a little funny, I guess.

"Do not believe him...he is very convincing."

Reddit | shadownick73

Oh, but would you look at his little face! How can you not give him a little bit extra, you heartless fiend!


Reddit | script_cat

Just setting it up so that one lucky person comes along and gets four drinks for the price of one!

"Elephanto touching ma spaghet."

Reddit | TheMirsinho

"Excuse me, what do you think you're doing?"

"Oh! Er, I'm very sorry, I'm just here to inspect everyone's spaghetti in the neighborhood!"

"Can I see some ID please?"

"I think that I must have left it in my other trunk."

"Thinking of buying a bra just for the sake of it."

Reddit | ccchapagain

All he wanted to do was to chew on some boxers and now he's being ridiculed on the internet! How unfair!

"Drunk me still isn't saying what happened, but I'm fairly sure that he rolled in around 4am."

Reddit | Charlie8005

Sometimes you get ratted out by those you trust the most! That clock deserves its destruction for being such a snitch!

"I did a charity walk. This was the photo they put on their website. I'm on the right."

Reddit | ForrestTrees

Wow, I wonder how knackered he looked in the other photos of this group for them to decide that this was the one they would go with for the website.

"Unlucky school photo."

Reddit | HazeySynth

That is so mean of that photographer to not even just give her a heads up and take that photo!

"Ordered a stamp, guess the photo didn’t work."

Reddit | DelisionalMeatball

Again, how did not one person at any point along the production line think, "You know what? I should probably make sure this is what they meant, as something tells me this might be wrong..."

"My friend ordered a 30" stuffed bear as a Christmas present. It's fair to say it was not happy about being vacuum-packed for transit."

Reddit | Communist_Tuna

If you thought not having a lot of leg room on a plane was uncomfortable, imagine this.

Skimp on the shrimp.

Reddit | Juankestein

The trick here is that the plural of shrimp is shrimp. It never promised more than one.

"The flavor of disappointment."

Reddit | Mychopath

I would eat these if they just said "cucumber." I like cucumber, but I refuse to be fed lies.

"What it's like working with all women and their lunch purses."

Reddit | Nyrfan82

You snooze you lose, buddy. You gotta start coming in early to assert your dominance over fridge space.

"Please god. Just this once. Don't disappoint me."

Reddit | PascaleMarie

The funniest part of this is that someone in the comments recognized the university this was in, and when asked what BJ stood for, they had no idea. A mystery for the ages.

Pizza of shame.

Reddit | DudeBug

This is barely considered a pizza at this point. This is some sick type of bread. No cheese, no distinction.

"My cookie looks like an old man."

Reddit | JustAnAlienPrincezs

"Only two chocolate chips? Really? Couldn't have dropped a few more in? Alright, guess I'll deal with it."

Dreams and aspirations.

Reddit | RonPolyp

I don't even know what company this is. I don't know a store around me that uses paper bags but, dang, it I'm gonna go find a paper bag and turn it into a kite just in solidarity.

"My 8 year old came running up the beach yelling 'I found $100'. I ran to see. I was disappointed, he was super happy."

Reddit | Sarebot18

Apparently this is a Lego piece which begs the question, who brings Lego to the beach? That seems like the least convenient beach toy out there?

"He was sad because he thought we threw away his dirty bed, but it was just in the washer."

Reddit | Senor_Senuos

He's really turning up the guilt factor here, wanting you to get him a new one. "Throwing my old bed away with no warning? Okay...guess I'll sleep on this pile of clothes... Oh, to have a newer, comfier bed..."

"The generic cat food is reflected in the photo of the cat."

Reddit | thegillenator

"All these years of trying to be a cat model and these are the gigs I get. It's food on the table, I guess. Not good food, but food."

"The sadness is setting in."

Reddit | Whereismycoat

It's just canceled now? They'd been partying in flames for ages! These new damned souls are too sensitive.

"I’ve never been more disappointed."

Reddit | WiIIieYum

All strawberry, no shortcake. Also "signature cake coating"? I guess someone forgot to sign off...

"Brought in some butter cookies to work and decided to give my coworkers a brief feeling of disappointment."

Reddit | Xope_Poquar

You know the first person who opens that is going to be the one person in desperate need of sewing supplies.

"That's a low blow!"

Reddit | HonkForTheGoose

Ah, all the guy wanted to do was to have a go on the ride. There was no need to make it personal! Lonely people need to have fun, too!

"It's fair to say that I'm not a drinker."

Reddit | zenophonic

I'm not a drinker either but even I can spot the twist off. I think there's a little more at play here.

"Found this while walking to work this morning. This is gonna suck big time for someone."

Reddit | Yurishirox

Oh, wow. The person who dropped this really is in for one hell of a bad day! They will never do another puzzle again!