Johnny Depp Celebrates His 59th Birthday

Taylor Sakellis
Getty Images | Loic Venance

Congratulations are in order for Johnny Depp who is celebrating his 59th birthday today!

The Hollywood legend has an impressive filmography list that spans over four decades. This list includes a host of iconic performances and characters that have garnered millions of fans for the actor around the world.

Now, it's time for Johnny to kickback and relax to celebrate his birthday!

Longtime Johnny Depp fans will remember his first performance in *A Nightmare on Elm Street* which is now, of course, a cult classic horror film!


His first television appearance was on the FOX series 21 Jump Street back in 1987.

He was (and still is) widely regarded as a heartthrob and legendary actor.

Instagram | @johnnydepp

His partnership with director and animator Tim Burton is one the the most iconic in Hollywood history.

Who hasn't seen Edward Scissorhands or Sleepy Hollow?!

Depp's latest adventure includes joining Instagram, the actor's first social media platform!

Getty Images | Loic Venance

It seems to be going well, as he has already amassed over 5 million followers since downloading the app two months ago.

We're wishing Johnny Depp a very happy birthday!

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