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Crochet Crocs Take The Ultimate Comfort Shoe To The Next Level

People love Crocs, people hate Crocs, and most importantly, people love to hate Crocs. No matter how you look at them, the quirky shoes are an instant conversation starter.

Just when you thought Crocs couldn't get any kookier, in comes crochet Crocs to shake things up.

Crocs are already known for being the ultimate shoe of comfort, but crochet Crocs really take them to a whole new level.

Etsy | magic4kids

These crochet Crocs are brought to us by Etsy seller magic4kids.

Not that Crocs can't already be indoor shoes, crochet Crocs really make them a soft slipper to proudly sport around the home.

Etsy | magic4kids

The best part? You can download the pattern and make them yourself!

You can also totally make them into statement shoes to be worn out in public.

Etsy | magic4kids

You can follow magic4kid's YouTube tutorial on how to attach flip-flop soles to the crochet slippers.

Use whatever colors you like to really give them a personal touch.

Sorry to those who ever thought the Crocs hype would ever die down.

Download the pattern here for $6 and consider all your gifts for the year checked off!