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Make Your Garden 'Un-BAA-lievable' With A Sheep Outdoor Planter

By now, many of you reading this will have already planted your garden and are now ready to sit out on your porch or back patio and enjoy a cold glass of lemonade (or spiked lemonade) while basking in your colorful lush garden.

However, we have a cute addition that might make you find ooooooone little spot where you can squeeze it into.

If you've always wanted to own sheep, or just think they're absolutely adorable, make some extra room in your garden for this planter.

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This planter may look a little jarring from the onset, but once it's filled up with flowers, it will end up looking like a garden sheep.

The planter was created by John and Heather Zondervan using galvanized steel, carbon steel, and cocoa matting planter lining.

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They recommend adding coleus or plantain lilies to really give it that wooly sheep appearance, but you can use whatever flowers you like.

When all is said an done, it will look something like this.

Uncommon Goods

It stands at 19 long, 12 inches wide, and 23 inches high, so it adds some unique dimension to your planted garden.

Most importantly, everyone will be pointing out how adorable your garden is!

Get your own from Uncommon Goods for $145.