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Pepsi's New Pineapple Flavor Is A Summery Twist On The Classic Soda

Summer 2020 is all about pineapple. From Taco Bell's Pineapple Freeze, to pineapple-flavored White Claws, to cute pineapple decor and accessories, people just can't get enough of the tropical treat.

Pepsi is the next brand to hop on the pineapple party bus and seriously deliver.

Pepsi is no stranger to fruity twists on their signature cola flavor, but their latest pineapple flavor really stands out.

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Instagrammers like @msmollyv, @candyhunting, and @theimpulsivebuy have spotted cases of the new flavor recently.

Now, I should say, this is a new-to-the-U.S. flavor, because this flavor is no stranger to Japan.

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It was released last fall in the land of the rising sun.

And good news to those who love pineapple—reviewers have noted it has a pretty strong pineapple flavor profile.

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According to the aforementioned accounts, this will be a Walmart exclusive and is also rumored to be replacing lime, which may make many of you sad.

But hey, maybe pineapple will be your new go-to!

I'm also just going to throw this out there, but this might be your new go-to summer cocktail.

Add some rum and set sail right into summer!