17+ Moments That Made Us Go 'We Got The Message'

There are some signs in life that are impossible to miss. They're the sorts of messages that life gives you with the subtlety of a sledgehammer to the face!

So, with this idea in mind, please enjoy these 17+ times the message was loud and clear!

They're Not Wrong!

Reddit | ridhan3912

Actually, my cat would never eat the letters if I said that I knew she was going to do it. She would only eat them if I wrote, "My cat will definitely not eat this," 'cause she's an asshole.

"When the (bus) stop button stopped working..."

Reddit | jeff0802

This would make all bus journeys infinitely more enjoyable! Well, for the first few times maybe... After that it might get a little vexing hearing that constant squeaking!

"This sign is getting the message across."

Reddit | nehnis88

"Hey, what does that sign say?"

"I can't tell, let's get a little lower and have a closer look..."

"The service guy came in to unclog our toilet today. He left an excellent service message."

Reddit | RobBuddha

You know that this toilet must have been a state if they left this message. I mean, this guy sees broken toilets on a daily basis, so yours must have been truly ruined to warrant a "Dammmmm."

"Spent 45 minutes looking for the Kindle I JUST had in my hands. Chewie was no help."

Reddit | CleverName8888

That cat is clearly pointing right at it, how much clearer could the message be? Also, why would you buy that case design if that is your carpet? What a recipe for disaster!

"Obvious jeep is obvious..."

Reddit | Mskitchen

I am Jeep and so is my wife! Does anyone get that reference, or has it completely slipped out of the zeitgeist by now? Let me know in the comments if you get it.

"Italians aren't very PC when it comes to obesity."


"Dave, when I asked you to design a warning label for not giving kids too much pop, I didn't expect something quite so rude."

"I will not apologize for art."

"Husband and I are traveling with our baby, cat, and dog. Stopped at a hotel for the night and I couldn’t find my dog. I look around and see this."

Reddit | Hannah_Bobanna

It is quite clear that the dog sees itself as the most loved and important child in the family. And, with a face like that, it's hard to see how they could be wrong!

"Tried to use a decoy to send a message. The goose received it and sent one back."

Reddit | princealiofil

There can only be one goose in this yard. I love how it's looking at the decapitated head as if to say, "That's what you get."

"My cat is obsessed with the printer so I send her messages during the day."

Reddit | exmachina08

I wish I had enough money to be able to spend valuable ink sending messages to my cat. That ink ain't cheap!

"The delivery note got put inside the card instead of a birthday message."

Reddit | aMac_UK

"Hi Mum, did you like your birthday present? Wait, what do you mean you've written me out of your will?!"

"Green kush milk buzz."

Reddit | TubDumForever

I particularly love the little sunglasses that they've put on them! Also, all that I can think about after looking at this is how much I would love to see a cartoon about stoner cows.

"Who did I marry?"

Reddit | aFunkyRedditor

This quite clearly shows that they married a psychopath! I have never known anyone to stack toilet rolls like this, and I don't ever want to see it again!

"I’m trying to figure out what kind of disability is this."

Reddit | flinstown

This is clearly for people with Bono's Syndrome, which is a fancy name for having your head up your ass.

"My girlfriend started leaving me really mean messages shortly after starting her German lessons."

Reddit | AdrianBlake

Well, there's just no need for that kind of thing! Just because they've been learning another language doesn't give them a right to look down on you!

"Grandma sent me this in the mail. Slowest picture message ever."

Reddit | misstinkles420

The message here is probably that you need to teach your gran how to use her phone! However, this is painfully adorable.

"She is probably delivering a message."

Reddit | 2manyToys

Whoever it is that she is on her way to see is obviously not in her good books. Any message that requires a sledgehammer to get the point across is a message of which you don't want to be on the receiving end.

"Sign recently erected in my neighborhood."

Reddit | RiggsFTW

My cat is also incredibly stupid, and it is for that very reason that she is an indoor cat!

"Clear your schedules for Saturday!"

Reddit | obviousplant

I would absolutely be going down to see this person and their sick judo moves. I mean, why wouldn't you want to go?! It's not like you're too good for judo.

"Happy wedding shower, Jana. Love the sign!"

Reddit | thesmith87

Oh dear, now that is very unfortunate for Jana! Also, I've never heard that name before, and this is perhaps not the best context to be introduced to it, really!

Spanks By Name, Spanks By Nature!

Reddit | Big-ginger-gorilla

I don't know if I needed this information about the life of Arthur Spanks, but I'm glad that I've got it now, I guess. Can't get the image of two skeletons... You know what, I'll stop that image right there.

"Brutally honest sign."


I wonder what sort of shop this sign is outside of, maybe a casino would be my guess?

"This sign has been stolen too many times I guess."

Reddit | WayToTheGrave

I mean, I would be very much tempted to steal this sign! And, if you think you wouldn't be tempted, then I pity your sad life!

"This sign on a beach in Lithuania."

Reddit | mrthordavis

Nobody really wants people wizzing on the beach, do they? Also, how hard is it to just go and find a toilet?

"This sign is still on the roadside to my uncle's house."

Reddit | callumstep1

Someone should probably look into why the deer in this small 5-mile radius are so miserable.

"A simple error message would have been sufficient..."

Reddit | sacrosancttayyar

They're going to have a hard job balancing themselves on that little thin metal pole. Also, why are they standing so close to all the broken glass?! Move away, goddammit!

"They obviously need all the practice they can get."

Reddit | PlayfulYetBored

This is not exactly a good advert for the teacher running this class, is it? Although, I guess every teacher encounters at least one unteachable student in their life.

"Message received."

Reddit | HippiePatrol

I hate it when people don't pick up their dog's poop, so I can understand why someone would feel that this is an appropriate course of action.

"My friends picking me up from the airport."

Reddit | seantron

Hey, those are some good friends you have. Most people would abandon a guy for doing that, but they're being really supportive!

"I'm intrigued. Do tell."

Reddit | selfish_presley

The weight of this grievance must be heavy if this man got the exact charge created in a giant block decal to put on his back window. I want to hear his tale.

"Moment of panic this morning when someone told me my caulk was hanging out in the parking lot."

Reddit | Frisky_Dingos

Yeah, if they hadn't have told you, you might have lost it on your way to your car! Wait, I think I lost the analogy here.

"I send this to my girlfriend when our arguments aren’t getting anywhere."

Reddit | rennypenn

Is this smart and funny? Yes. Does it help with whatever argument you're having? Probably not.

"My son was shocked when he saw me with a wig."

Reddit | Rommitopi

Shocked is one word, horrified and affronted are some others. He knows that color is all wrong for you, and it's way too far back.

"Every year at Thanksgiving, I 'fix' my aunts computer. I have a feeling she's not keeping up with my advice."

Reddit | carveit3

Like a normal human being, I delay my Windows updates for as long as I can stand it, but even I think a full year is a little much.

Family Quarrels.

Reddit | Hurtgen

"I can't pick him up. I have a bag."

"Both of your arms are still free. I've been holding him this whole time."

"Should have brought your own bag then."

"Somebody wrote this in my taco bell box. I'm a big burly guy. I don't know how to feel."

Reddit | BoutTreeFiddyyyy

Well, you should feel pretty! Just because you're a burly man that doesn't mean you're not allowed to be considered pretty! Relish in it!

"That moment when you can tell that a couple will be together forever."

Reddit | mxweas

Perfect chemistry is hard to spot these days, but I can't say I'm surprised it was spotted in an airport where tensions are high and people's true natures are revealed.

"I feel like there shouldn't have to be a sign for this."

Reddit | BrawHaHaw

Have you ever watched a parent vlogging series? Those people will put their kids through anything for views.

"My brother's store got robbed at gunpoint. I got him this to make him feel better."

Reddit | emzieees

Your brother looks pretty ready to dig into that cake. And, I don't mean to be rude here, but he looks a little...furry?

"Now I know how guys feel when their women send them to the store to get tampons. My husband sent me to get pliers."

Reddit | Trampolice

This is why I've turned to online shopping. Just pick the most popular or highest rated and be on my way, no need for the paralyzing experience of "choice."

"Went to pick up a prescription at the local pharmacy."

Reddit | joeyreptar

Is your pharmacy employed by t-rexes? I hope so. Oh, I really, really hope so.

"We got our cat a new scratch post. Something tells me he's happy with it."

Reddit | JustDaz

You've encountered a rare occurrence of a cat actually liking and using something you bought for them. Enjoy it.

"Clearly math isn't one of the 'threats'."

Reddit | acrolos

Why would anyone consider these things to be a threat anyway? Unless you're planning to dance someone to death or beat them over the head with a lute.

"Honey? Would you pick up a couple eaches of steak?"

Reddit | j0npau1

I can't overstate how much this made me laugh when I saw it, and I don't even have a good explanation. "Sold By The Each" is just the perfect phrase.

"I'm sure people got the message..."

Reddit | Se7en_Sinner

I mean, they didn't exactly put that post in very deep considering it is supposed to be loose sand!