14+ Things That Were Hidden In Plain Sight

Sometimes it can be hard to see the things that are right under your nose. I, for instance, am always looking for my glasses only to find them on my head.

So, to showcase a few people of a similar mindset, here are 14+ things that were hidden right under our noses.

"My Aunt told her dog there was a squirrel on the deck, but the dog couldn't find it."

Reddit | FranktheLlama

"Hmmm, I know he's around here somewhere. I can smell him."

"Psst... Hey, dog, you suck!"

"Well, there's no need to make it personal."

"So my brother couldn't find his keys this morning and was late for work...his 2 y/o son had borrowed them..."

Reddit | feinkevi

I wonder how many miles per gallon those Little Tikes cars get? I've been thinking of getting a new car and I'd rather have one of these than a Kia.

"Cut a hole in the back of the tv stand for wires. Someone's hiding spot was discovered."

Reddit | renegade3394

"What are you doing, John? This is my domain!"

"Sorry, Mittens. I just want to put some wires through the back of the..."

"Your request has been denied. Please replace the wood you cut out immediately."

"In a video game there would definitely be something hidden behind this wall."

Reddit | laureeen

I can just imagine hitting it with a big hammer only to hear the hidden room sound effect from Legend Of Zelda.

"Found this hidden behind some jars in my widowed, 86 y/o grandma's kitchen. I guess we all have our dirty little secrets!"

Reddit | L0rdtater

Oh, what? you're telling me that you don't have a buff Albert Einstein poster behind your jam jars? Get a life!

"Found this guy hiding behind a picture frame..."

Reddit | Darkodz

This little happy yet angry fella looks like he has been drawn to be in Futurama, and I can't tell why that is. Maybe it's the eyes?

"My uncle's dog caught a bird and failed in his attempt to hide it from the other dog."

Reddit | rhymnocerous

"Just keep staring forward, Buster, if you can't see him, then he can't see you. This is your bird and you caught it fair and square."

"Dad couldn't find the remote for hours."

Reddit | Xkot

This guy is a true master of the dad art form of looking furiously for something without actually getting up. Impressive.

"Roommate is an asshole. After setting off security alarms at the doors of almost every store I went to for 6 months I finally found this in my wallet."

Reddit | PaulyTrout

This is an absolutely fantastic idea to torture your roommate. Please excuse me while I go and try to locate one of these tags...

"UPS moved my potted cactus to 'hide' two large packages."

Reddit | bmlbytes

This UPS delivery guy obviously went to the Scooby-Doo school of hiding. However, I like that he made an attempt!

"This kid who completely sucks at hide and seek."

Reddit | PaperkutRob

How pleased do you think this kid was with this idea? I can just imagine them thinking as this picture was being taken, "I'm a genius, they'll never find me here. What a great idea."

"Do not believe him... he is very convincing."

Reddit | shadownick73

It's mostly pointless putting a sign like this on your cat as, with hypnotic eyes like those, there is no way anyone isn't going to just feed him again anyway.

"I figured out you don't actually have to assemble these things."

Reddit | ImWadeYo

So, is this actually classified as thinking inside the box, or outside the box? I can't work it out!

"An actual Canadian Tire billboard in Alberta."


How did this get past the advertising team? Or, did they think that this would go viral and get them more coverage? Someone either needs to be fired or promoted.

"This guy was not amused when I dug up his hiding spot."

Reddit | gfosterp

This guy looks mighty furious that he has been disturbed. However, the person who posted this was just glad they didn't impale him on their trowel by accident.

"Seriously though, why did it take a global pandemic to install anti-peek dividers in restrooms?"

Reddit | NickW31

This should have been implemented from day one. Who was the guy who thought, "Let's not have the barrier go all the way up past people's heads. Why? 'Cause I'm a weirdo!'"

"Best way to hide a dent."

Reddit | danyaraquel

So, does this mean that this car is worthy? I feel kind of bad that a beat-up 4x4 is more worthy than myself.

"It tastes fresher this way."

Reddit | PoonSwoggle

This is clearly the only way to have milk out of the carton. How has no one thought of this before? Oh, that's right...because it's weird.

"I couldn't find my earphones for over 15 minutes..."

Reddit | Zukavicz

Those bedsheets and white headphones are a recipe for disaster! I would have been turning the air blue if this happened to me.

"I hate people who park like this."

Reddit | jarGLO99

"Hi, can I get a triple-double crunchwrap supreme box?"

"Sir, you're in an ambulance on the way to the hospital. You were in an accident."

"Did...did I get the crunchwrap before the accident at least?"

"Best hidden easter egg."

Reddit | pizza395jonny

I would not be surprised if that Easter egg were still there to this day. That is some next level Easter egg hiding!

"I spent the last 15 minutes looking for my kitten..."

Reddit | BalloonUnderstudy

Like many other people in the comments, I have given up trying to find my cats now. I just rustle their food bag and they run to me.

"This gave me a good laugh today. Hope it does the same for you."

Reddit | centukeyfried

There must be a building site in absolute disrepair somewhere if they're calling in the big guns!

"Local dog looking for a home, also looks tired of your nonsense."

Reddit | jimmygrim

That dog looks like it has absolutely no time for time-wasters. Either adopt him or get out of his face!

Looking For Kale...

Reddit | designstudio_b

The person who posted this wrote, "I couldn't find the kale at the grocery store. I asked an employee where I could find some and he said, 'right here,' and points to his name tag. He's been waiting his whole life for this... Kudos to Kale."

"My father told me he dropped his coughdrop while taking my dog out and couldn’t find it anywhere."

Reddit | MotorboatingSofaB

Apparently their dad was trying to find the cough drop on the floor of their house for ages before they managed to find it on the dog.

"My cat just came back from one of her evening strolls with someone else's keys in her mouth."

Reddit | robrobxD

As far as presents from your cat go, a new house is a lot better than a dead mouse in the mouth first thing in the morning!

"My white cat attempting to hide so I can't clip his nails."

Reddit | whistlewink

What cat? I can't see a cat in this image anywhere. Truly, cats are masters of deception.

"When you try to make peppermint swirl soap and it comes out looking like raw meat."

Reddit | eeyore134

It's okay, you can admit it. You read some new-age health blog saying that raw meat is really good for the skin and you just had to try it.

"After a severe allergic reaction to walnuts, this is how the doctors labeled me at the hospital. People who looked at my wristband must've think I escaped the psych ward."


Riiight, a nut allergy. I'm sure that's what they told you the band was for.

"We were looking through old pictures of me when my wife started laughing and got the dog's flea pills from the cupboard."

Reddit | phelyan

Well, I have to know: Were you free of fleas and ticks? Also, you have a great coat, looks shiny and soft.

"Getting married in a week and hosting the reception at our home. Hid this in our medicine cabinet."

Reddit | MissGraffin

And now you have a list of people who will never be invited to parties again, little thieves.

"My husband was having a crappy day at work, so I hid over 30 pairs of googly eyes all over the apartment."

Reddit | retro_axolotl

Pranks like this are the gifts that keep on giving. It'll be six months from now and he'll still be finding sets.

"Saw this in a family friend’s kitchen. They have kids."

Reddit | thechrisdelo

This is a great lesson to teach kids! Stand up for yourself, don't take less than what you want, look trouble in the eye, and beat it down.

"Found where she hid all the Vanilla ones. Last place I would ever look."

Reddit | securityseminars

I live alone and have no use for tampons, but my first reaction was still "that's so genius, I should try it." That's how you know it's good.

"Our cat hid my wife's hair tie. She found it later."

Reddit | Brentpierce0

Your cat saw you using all that processed sugar and cream and decided to put you on the best tasting thing they know.

"Spotted at my local grocery store."

Reddit | GunnCelt

They're just grabbing a snack between calls. Soon you'll be hearing that weird siren as they speed off to bust some ghosts.

"Asked my 5 year old where his pear went. 'I hid it in the bathroom, see if you can find it.' The scariest part is he thought he was still gonna eat it."

Reddit | TheTonz

The scariest part to me is how much pear he left on there. So much delicious fruit goodness, wasted.

"My parents are selling their house and my mom today hid under the bed so she could hear what people said during the showing."

Reddit | MissMurica1776

Why was someone barefoot in her house? Did they really show up to a house viewing, where they knew they'd have to maybe take their shoes off, in sandals?

"Mom hid brownies in one place stepdad won't look."

Reddit | ebbflowin

If this is somewhere your stepdad would never look, I think he should start doing his own laundry.

"After the kids got done hunting eggs, my Dad tells us he also hid stuff for the 'big kids'."

Reddit | dot_exe-

Easter doesn't just have to be for kids anymore, not with the latest in adult culture and technology. Behold: alcohol.

"Cleaned under my couch. Found so many things, including a billion lighters. Not my finest moment."

Reddit | malloryfx

These are rookie numbers. Wait until you see just how many pens I can pull out of the crevices of my apartment.

"Couldn't find Allen wrenches after GF organized tools..."

Reddit | fingertits

What kind of organizing system did this person try to implement? Aside from the obvious mislabeling of Allan keys, there seems to be no system at all!

"Spotted on a cross country trip."

Reddit | Ape_Gurl

I told my mom that Lunchables were still fine to eat as an adult and she didn't listen to me. Maybe this will show her they're full of all the nutrients a man could need.

"Everything I’ve ever learned is telling me to dig."

Reddit | dominushh

"X" always marks the spot... or is it "X" never marks the spot? I think I need to watch Indiana Jones again.