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10+ Hidden Details Fans Didn't Notice In 'The Witcher 3'

This past year, the world was introduced to Geralt of Rivia through the Netflix series The Witcher, and everyone fell in love with it.

But many fans had already been playing the popular video games for years!

If you're a true fan of The Witcher games, then you'll love these 10+ hidden details that fans didn't notice in The Witcher 3.

1. If left to his own devices, Roach will seek out food and shelter.

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Geralt's trusty companion has a never-ending hunger for apples. Roach can devour a bushel in the blink of an eye.

It's a subtle detail that just adds to the overall realness.

2. Non Playable Characters have been known to catch the sniffles.

The Witcher 3 takes place in a time of plague and pestilence. It makes sense that a number of NPCs can be both seen and heard sneezing.

A few have an absolutely wicked cough, too.

They'll also seek out shelter in a storm.

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What really sets games apart nowadays isn't just the graphics, its the intuitive and interactive nature of the world around you.

The characters behave just as people would in real life.

3. Sometimes, the drunk barber will mess up your hair cut.

It's a miracle that this guy can even stand up, let alone cut hair!

You can try to protest until Geralt is blue in the face, but you won't get your money back.

4. You can visit the grave site of Leo.

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Die-hard fans of The Witcher series may remember Leo as being a relatively insignificant character from the first game.

The fact that his grave makes an appearance this time around shows just how truly dedicated to continuity the games are.

5. At the beginning of *The Witcher 3*, you can actually find Yen's crystal skull.

Write this down! You're going to want to remember this little tidbit for your next playthrough.

The crystal skull is from the opening cut scene. Give it to her, and you're in for some very special dialogue.

6. Geralt actually lifts his scabbard every time he sheathes his long-sword.

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Like I was saying before, to make a game stand out, it's all about subtleties and attention to detail.

Geralt moves in precisely the same way as he would if he were alive.

7. The further North you travel in the game, the earlier the sun begins to rise.

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The sunrises are one of the most beautiful and awe-inspiring pieces of scenery that take place in The Witcher 3.

Pay attention to where you are on the map, and you'll see that the days get longer as your travel further North.

8. Geralt's Aard has a very interesting effect on water.

One of Geralt's most notable powers is the Aard. This is what he uses to repel an enemy or an attack.

If you use the enchantment near water, it will literally part the sea.

The Aard can also be used to deflect arrows being shot at Geralt from afar.

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Don't you just hate archers? They are the literal worst. They stay out of harm's way and rain down fire from above.

Keep this in mind to shoo away those pesky arrows.

9. Geralt can control how violent an enemy's attack will be.

Rule of thumb: if you're not looking to engage in an all-out blood bath, keep your sword in its scabbard!

You set the threat level, meaning if you choose to have Geralt fight with a sword, his enemies will follow suit. If he uses his fists only, they will not escalate.

10. Whenever Geralt summons the Quen Shield in the rain, you can see the raindrops bounce off.

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An admittedly small detail as far as gameplay is concerned, but it's a nice touch, to say the least.

Keep it in mind if you're wanting to keep Geralt dry the next time through!

11. Geralt can literally control the ecosystem of the world around him.

This is one of the most incredibly attentive elements of the entire game.

If you kill wolves, deer will become the dominant species. However, if you kill the deer the wolves will leave since you've depleted their food source.

How cool is that?!

12. Geralt can literally change the weather...sort of.

There are a number of different shrines dispersed that will allow you to say a prayer and effect a change in the weather.

Each one will do something different, so keep that in mind!

13. Geralt's face becomes more and more horrific with each potion drank.

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As fans of the game will no doubt already know, potions are poisonous.

The more you drink, the more and more purple and veiny Geralt's face will become.