Quotes That Hilariously Sum Up Swimsuit Season

Ah, swimsuit season. One of the most dreaded and anticipated seasons of them all.

Whether you're worrying about rocking a swimsuit (don't worry, you look great) or looking forward to hanging out on a beach, these quotes will speak to your soul.

So, maybe you CAN buy happiness.

Still and Sea

Eh, I'm of the opinion that you can buy happiness. Bikinis, cocktails, beach vacations... try and tell me those things won't bring you happiness. You can't!

I understand this completely.

Rebel Circus

But go with me: eat carbs and drink alcohol before, after, and while wearing a bikini. You can have it all. I really want for you to have it all.

Okay, this is me.

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Man, nothing traumatizes you like trying on a swimsuit in a store's dressing room. The lighting is horrible, the mirrors always seem warped, and you are not leaving there without wanting to cry.

Listen to this advice.

Life is too short to be afraid of wearing that bikini, swimsuit, or any other type of summer wear. Don't let cruel people rule your life, okay? I love you, too.

This sounds nice, actually.

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Imagine days on end of just chilling like that. I'd get a Hawaiian pizza (yes, I am one of those people who likes pineapple on her pizza, don't worry about it) and nap all day.


Like, are we still doing the beach thing? Are we hanging out in our own backyards and wishing we were on vacation? What's the tea here? Let me know.

Yeah, same.

No one knows rockin' your body in a crop top like Pooh Bear does. I bet he'd want you to wear a bikini despite your own fears. I don't speak for him, but I'm pretty sure he'd agree with me.

I feel called out.


Nothing like losing those winter blues, just to immediately have to face the existential terror of swimsuit shopping. Guys, we can do this. Let's just put them on and declare victory over swimsuit season, no matter what.

Why not both?

Do "I hate everything season" while in a swimsuit. I did it, I solved everyone's problems. Go forth and summer away in peace. You're welcome.

Seize the day!


Listen, basic black is a classic. But what about a fun floral print? or some crazy straps? Or mis-matching tops and bottoms? I've never worn a bikini, idk these things. One-pieces are my jam.


This is an immediate retweet. The beach doesn't care what's on your body! The beach cares that you pick up your trash and make sure to put on sunscreen. Thank you.

Decisions, decisions.


You know what? I say it's possible to have a swimsuit body and still indulge in a cocktail or two. What do you think? Let's cheers to that and summer!