13-Year-Old Graduates College With Four Degrees

Some things in life come a bit easier to some individuals than others. Many times, people exceed everyone's expectations and showcase their incredible talents and intelligence. When you hear about these kinds of stories, sometimes you think they are too good to be true. But, when you find out about these amazing individuals, they truly are special and blow your mind.

School can come naturally to some kids.

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From an early age, some parents notice that their children exceed standards when it comes to education. Spelling, counting, and critical thinking may be a natural gift to some of our young ones.

These situations, while rare, are extremely special and valuable.

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It's important to keep their young minds challenged and engaged in order to grow. And, that might mean that they skip a few grades to meet their own pace.

Skipping a grade or two is pretty common.

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For students that test above average, it's not unheard of for them to be placed in a higher grade level. Sometimes, parents decide to do this through home schooling.

But, one thing is for sure.


When it comes down to it, it's not everyday that you hear about a 13-year-old earning college degrees. Yes, I said degrees, as in plural.

Well, Jack Rico has officially blown our minds with his good news.


Jack Rico has officially, at age 13, graduated from Fullerton College with four associates degrees. Yes, four! What an incredible accomplishment to a well-deserving student!

Jack's mom started homeschooling him in the third grade.

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His mom said that Jack needed "more of a challenge" than he was getting in a regular school setting. By age 11, he was exceeding high school standards.

Jack said it takes hard work and dedication.

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Speaking to Inside Edition, Jack said that, "you never just know everything, you have to apply yourself and study." Clearly, this young man has been applying himself a lot!

According to Fullerton College's admin, Jack is the youngest student ever to achieve this.

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The 13-year-old is planning to continue his academic journey at the University of Nevada. And, he said he's not entirely sure what he wants to be when he grows up just yet — but, he's interested in screenwriting.

Congratulations to Jack Rico on a wonderful accomplishment!

It's not everyday you hear of a 13-year-old graduating from college with four degrees, let alone one. It's a huge accomplishment and he deserves all of the congratulations!