8+ Times Shopping For A Swimsuit Was The Ultimate Struggle

Is there anything more annoying when shopping than having to buy a swimsuit? It's genuinely the worst shopping experience of them all, and I stand by that.

A picture is worth a thousand words.

This really extends beyond shopping, doesn't it? But I had to include it, because the fear this picture evokes is so real. Picture taken 10 seconds before disaster.


If you're someone who has a bigger chest, you know the struggle of trying to find a swimsuit that accommodates them things. And even if you get it to fit, there's no support.

I felt this.

I'm gonna need to add more and more pieces until it becomes a one-piece that stretches from my neck all the way down to my toes, is billowy, and wait actually I'm just describing a sheet. I'm gonna be wearing a sheet.

Don't even get me STARTED on maternity swimsuit shopping.

Instagram | @juliannecondia

Listen, I've never been pregnant. But pregnant women deserve the world for the crap they have to put up with, especially from brands that have clearly never actually seen a pregnant woman in their lives.

This whole...situation.

Strapless bikinis: possibly the worst thing to happen to swimsuits. It's totally fine for some, but that's a very small "some." The rest of us have no hope in hell of getting our boobs in those.

When I tell you this had me crying laughing...

The aforementioned Lyndsey is the one on the right, with the one-strap suit. And um... well, as you can see from the DMs, she tried that thing on upside down.

Bless her heart.

Small boob committee, UNITE.

For some of us, our big boobs are the problem. For others, it's the exact opposite. Y'all, I hear you and I am here for you.

Online shopping is a nightmare.

Instagram | @gooser2001

Like... real question: who is that bikini actually for? A doll? A very small child? Why is it made with a silky material? Is that even waterproof? Will I ever get an answer to my questions?

No, no I will not.

Okay, tea.

Listen, I'm all for letting everyone wear what they want. But as a society, who does a thong bikini benefit? There's a string up your butt if you're wearing it, and I'm having to look at that. We both lose.

Well, that's the wrong size.

Instagram | @biker_girl_bobbie

See, this is why online shopping for swimsuits is so hard. You can do everything right and still end up with the wrong size. Here's hoping she kept the receipt, huh?

How do those straps work?

Instagram | @therecruitermom

No, I'm really asking. Because I am so confused right now. Are they little arm bands that are supposed to sit just off your shoulder? Do they go in the back?

Tall people must be so frustrated.

I'm pretty sure there's "tall" options for swimsuits now, but it's pretty easy to assume the selection must be pretty small. It's either those suits, or having everything pulled downward, I guess.

This one was a panic purchase.

"This is what happens when you forget your swimming suit and the only nearby store is Walmart... mind you, swim suit season is over and there was not much left," @the.oily.jungle wrote on Instagram.


Well, we know the answer to this question now.

It's that shopping for swimsuits online is a nightmare that no one should subject themselves to. And if you do, be prepared to send it back. Good luck out there, guys.

This "mermaid" style.


"Spent $285 on this bathing suit from Lee+Lani and it took two months to be shipped. Needless to say, I'm not pleased," said the Imgur user who posted this. I know it's not what she ordered, but I actually kind of like the frilly accents.

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