The Season 3 Finale Of 'Killing Eve' Has Been Explained

Good afternoon to all Killing Eve fans!

If you happened to catch Sunday's season three finale, then you're probably just as shook as I am. It certainly had a different tone than we're used to from Killing Eve's previous season finales, but we're here for it!

Entertainment Weekly caught up with the show's producer, Sally Woodward Gentle, to explain the episode in more detail.

Sunday's season three finale of *Killing Eve* was a bit different than fans may have expected.


Normally, we could have expected some kind of shooting or stabbing to take place, leaving fans on a major cliffhanger.

But this time, they ended things on a much less dramatic note.

In an interview with the show's producer, Sally Woodward, *Entertainment Weekly* was able to have her break down the details of the finale, and explain anything that may have left you confused.


Warning: Spoilers ahead!

If you haven't watched, beware!

First, *Entertainment Weekly* asked Sally what was so appealing to the writers about ending this season on a more passive note.


"Well, I just think they couldn't get shot again. Or stabbed. Of course, they are on a bridge and there's all sorts of drama that they could have happened there," Sally said.

"I think that what was really appealing was for both of them to have an honest conversation, which we rarely see — particularly with the revelation in the earlier scene that they were both complicit in somebody else's death."

"They both did it together, and in a way that's a good jumping-off point for a discussion about where they are. And also, for Eve to say, 'You've got to release me. I can't stop thinking about you.'"


"And for Villanelle to say, 'Well, it's really easy. You just walk away.' They walk away and Eve turns around with Villanelle, and I think what you see in her is she knows that Eve is going to turn around. She knows that Eve is going to be looking back at her. Is that point-scoring, or is it actually something much more fundamental than that?"

"And that's quite an interesting way to look at it. It's just a little bit more introspective than before, but that's quite fun as well, not to do the same thing every time," she went on.


Next, EW asked if Villanelle's decision to walk away was meant to be self-sacrificing or manipulative.

"I think it's a little bit more [of that]. She walked away. She wouldn't help but be tempted because her ego is so massive as well," Sally explained.


"She needed to have confirmation. And she knew. She was, like, 99.9 percent sure she'd turn around and Eve would be looking at her."

When asked about the final moments — if fans can be certain that this is a love story of two people who are unconventionally bound to each other, Sally replied:


"Wouldn't that be great? Yeah, that would be lovely. That would be brilliant. But I think that they are. They are entwined and what they've done for each other — because Villanelle has had relationships before, which was significant, with Anna [Susan Lynch], in particular."

"And I think that when she first met Eve, she probably thought she was another Anna, she was in that mold, she was sort of the person that she's attracted to. She's also attracted by the attention that one person put on her," she continued.


"But as time has gone on, they've both acknowledged that the other sees themselves in a way that nobody else has seen them. And that is really intoxicating and hard to walk away from. Like you said, it's sort of the most f—ed-up, self-destructive, glorious, edifying, ego-fulfilling relationship ever. I think it is really hard to walk away from something [when] somebody sees you in a very unique way that makes you feel like you're a little sunflower in the sunlight."

Next, *EW* asked if Villanelle is truly capable of change.


"This has been the most emotional journey for Villanelle. At the end of season 2, Konstantin dropped that rather manipulative, if slightly cruel, note that 'You think your family are dead — well, they're not,'" Sally explained.

"Villanelle didn't like the lack of control she felt about that. But she was also intrigued about who she was and where she comes from."


"The notion of family was huge in season 3, and [for her] to go back to Russia and to feel something, to feel some warmth from her relationship with Bor'ka [Temi Blaev], to actually really enjoying the environment that she was in. And then her mother says to her, "Listen, you've always been like this."

"You're always rotten to the core."… But that is going to leave something in Villanelle: 'Well, can she change? Is her fate really always going to be one thing?' She's clever. She's really clever."


"She's going to ask those questions, and she will see how different she could become. And whether she can become different, I do not know."

Sally was then asked how the writers feel about Eve and Villanelle ending up together, to which she replied:


"There always has been, really, from season 2 onwards: 'What does that relationship look like?' And if they were to sit down and have another proper couples counseling, somebody might come out of that going, 'Really? You really think this is going to last?' Maybe we'll do that. I'd love to see a couples counseling between Eve and Villanelle."

Next, when asked how many Konstantin's claims about Kenny should we believe, Sally said:


"I don't think we should ever believe Konstantin. He's going to say anything to get out of a sticky situation. And he's clearly absolutely terrified for his life. He believes that Carolyn will pull that trigger, and he calls on Villanelle."

Sally then explained whether or not Carolyn spared Konstantin's life because she has feelings for him.


"I think that was ultimately it. And she couldn't bear to kill him and just had to kill someone. The depth of grief that she felt for her son — somebody had to pay for that, and I think it was a very emotionally driven response."

There were PLENTY more questions and answers between *Entertainment Weekly* and Sally Woodward.

Read the full interview here.

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