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10+ Celebrity Moms Who Love Matching With Their Children

By now, you've probably already seen how Hollywood is full of celebrity kids who look indentical to their famous parents.

We're talking about Reese Witherspoon and her daughter Ava, Cindy Crawford and her daughter Kaia, and even David Beckham and his son Brooklyn.

But did you know that Hollywood is also full of celebs wearing matching outfits with their kiddos?

Here are 10+ celebrity moms who matched with their children.

1. Gabrielle Union

I said, "brr, it's far too adorable in here!"

Gabrielle's daughter with Dwyane Wade is the cutest Clovers cheerleader we've ever seen!

If another film from the series comes out, we know exactly who would be head cheerleader. Make it happen Hollywood!

2. Chrissy Teigen

"Let's avocuddle," Chrissy must have said to her daughter, Luna, before they snapped this adorable photo for the star's Cravings cookbook photoshoot.

With all that hard work, let's hope that she got to taste all of mom's yummy creations!

3. Khloé Kardashian

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"I have always looked forward to our annual Christmas Eve party but this year was hands down my favorite!!" the reality star captioned this adorable Instagram photo of her and her daughter, True.

She also shared that their matching outfits were custom-made!

4. Beyoncé

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Blue Ivy is certainly living the high life. In addition to being graced with Queen B as her mom, she gets to meet celebrities and attend glamorous award shows.

She also gets to play dress-up in gorgeous outfits like these!

But it wasn't the only time (and it will probably not be the last) that the queen decided that she wanted to match with her daughter.

In the adorable video, three generations of Knowles women show just how cool and classy they really are.

Okay, okay, just ONE MORE.

How can we resist when the looks are THIS good?

Honestly, give them both a crown, because these two are Queen and Princess of the world. British monarchy who? We only know Beyoncé and Blue Ivy in this house!

5. Mariah Carey

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Those who were born in March and April felt the pain of having to celebrate their birthdays in quarantine.

But thankfully, mama Mariah Carey was there to make her twins' day a little brighter by wearing matching t-shirts that had their faces on it!

6. Eva Longoria

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"Lazy Saturday! #Twinning," the actress captioned the cute matching pic.

It just goes to show that the Desperate Housewives alum doesn't need to be dolled up all of the time! When she hangs out with her son, Santiago, she does so in the comfiest sweats!

7. Kim Kardashian

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The Keeping Up With the Kardashians reality star is the Queen of playing matching dress-up with her kids.

Here is the family wearing matching sweats for their 2019 family Christmas card. There's a good chance they were designed by Kayne.

8. Jessica Alba

Whenever she's not doing matching dances with her daughters on TikTok, she's dressing in matching outfits with them!

Here she is with her daughter, Honor, at a fashion event for Aerie. They look more like sisters! How sweet is this?

9. Coco Rocha

"‪Living vicariously through a 2 year old is THE BEST!! @jamesedwardconran and I got to surprise @ioniconran with her first ever broadway show today. She was beyond excited! #Frozen 🎭 ❄️‬" she captioned this sweet photo.

How freaking adorable!

10. Jessica Simpson

As a successful fashion designer, we all know that Jessica Simspon has great style! She always has and always will, it seems.

So no wonder her daughter would want to be matching with her when they were in Aunt Ashlee Simpson's wedding ceremony!

11. Coco

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"Pose Pose Pose ..that's what we do..Its in our blood #Versace Fashion today." she captioned this sweet photo.

Talk about bright! Not only are their poses and expressions brightened up our day, but so are those bright yellow flowers in the background!

12. Demi Moore

Instagram | @rumerwillis

Will the real Demi Moore please stand up?

With the matching glasses, hair, pose, and clothes, it seriously makes it hard to tell which one is the mother and which one is the daughter.

They look completely fabulous and stunning.

13. Kourtney Kardashian

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"I bet you didn't know there were three Tinkerbells. #disneyland," Kourtney captioned this magical photo of her and her daughter with Tinkerbell at Disneyland.

There must be a theme of Kardashian sisters matching with their kids since she's now the fourth sister to do so!

14. Madonna

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In case you forgot, Madonna has six kids!

Here are two of her adopted children, Stella and Estere. In this pic, they're learning the very important difference between Rose Gold and 24k.

Maybe Mom will even get them matching bracelets, too?

15. Tori Spelling

"We put on our coziest onesies and made a homemade party mix of popcorn, pastel chocolate pieces, rainbow sour candies, cookie straws, with a cotton candy topper 💕 It was totally B.Y.O.D. (Bring Your Own Doll)." she wrote for this sweet post.

16. Cindy Crawford

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Is there anything that's not matching between this supermodel and her daughter?

Kaia is already on her way to supermodel status and they even look completely identical! Those #MomGenes sure are strong with these two. They really need to drop the skincare routine.

17. Kylie Jenner

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Stormi Webster is the reality star's mini-me, through and through.

The mother and daughter duo have made it a habit to wear matching outfits on multiple occasions.

Stormi's not the only one Kylie matches with, either. She's also known to match with her bestie, Stassi Baby.