Mom Who Didn't Know She Was Pregnant Gives Birth At Home

Sometimes, life is chock-full of surprises and miracles. They say that "life comes at you fast," and there's nothing that comes at you faster than parenthood. For many moms, having a baby is a planned occurrence — you prepare yourself and your family for the new bundle of joy to come. You tirelessly spend months picking out names, nursery decor, and prepping your home.

Deciding to have a baby takes a lot of work from both partners.

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From baby proofing the house to deciding on a name, couples usually spend months laboring over all things baby. Even conceiving is a struggle for some couples and takes a ton of time.

Not to mention, setting everything up at home.

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Shopping for a newborn takes a lot of time. So does setting up all of the things a baby needs. That's why some couples are particular and careful about everything when it comes to a newborn.

However, things don't always happen "according to plan."

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There are many couples who end up with "surprise" pregnancies. Sometimes, a couple will find out they are pregnant before they even try — or, without trying at all. However, they still have those eight or nine months to prep for the baby.

It's not often that we hear about couples who deliver a baby they knew absolutely nothing about.

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Many moms experience side effects from pregnancy that indicate they have a baby on board. From missing periods to weight gain, it's usually easy for women to know they have a major change coming.

But, one mom had absolutely no idea she was pregnant — even up until the very moment she gave birth.

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While it may seem hard to believe, there are some miracles in life that really do catch you by surprise. So much so that Cindy, a new mom from Texas, had absolutely no idea she was pregnant at all.

While many wonder how a woman can go nine months without knowing, it seems as though the new mom had virtually no side effects.

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Cindy's boyfriend, Chris, told news station ABC13 that Cindy had gotten her period every month during pregnancy, making it hard to know she was pregnant at all. She didn't even feel her baby kicking around.

The only indication, it seems, was some weight gain.

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Chris told the news station that she did gain 10 pounds over the few months, but there was nothing else to truly indicate that Cindy was pregnant. Until, of course, she went into labor.

The Texas mom said that on Mother's Day weekend, she began having some strange cramps.

She told news station ABC13 that she "got into the bathtub as she usually does," and before she knew it, her son was born. She felt like she didn't have to push, but her body began pushing naturally.

Cindy immediately called 911 and went to the hospital to meet with doctors.

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Luckily, Cindy and her newborn son, Jaxson, were completely healthy and okay. Chris didn't even believe Cindy until she FaceTimed him with doctors and their newborn son. A total surprise!

Chris and Cindy say everyone is shocked — especially their friends and family.

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But, luckily, everyone has been ridiculously supportive and sending love and packages for their family. What an incredible story with a super happy ending! Just what we need right now!

h/t: ABC13 Houston