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'Vampire Diaries' Stars Ian Somerhalder And Paul Wesley Launch New Bourbon

I consider myself more of a clear spirits fan because of the basic bish I am.

I love me some vodka.

Some tequila.

Maybe even a lil' gin if I'm feeling fancy!

So when Vampire Diaries hotties and TV brothers Ian Somerhalder and Paul Wesley announced they were released a BOURBON, I knew I'd have to put my big girl panties on and get INTO DARK LIQUOR!

Ian Somerhalder and Paul Wesley played the iconically ~smexy~ Salvatore brothers on the hit TV show *Vampire Diaries*.

Instagram | @iansomerhalder

Thankfully for fans, it seems the pair's bond goes much deeper than just the show, as the TV brothers have teamed up to launch a new spirit together!

"Brothers Bond" is the name of this "straight bourbon whiskey."

Instagram | @iansomerhalder

The liquor is "distilled and aged in the tradition of all great bourbons." Do I know what that means? No.

Do I like the sounds of it, though? HELLS YEAH!

Ian showed the chic bottle off on his Instagram recently. "Here it is," he captioned the Insta post, "Our passion. Our baby."

Instagram | @iansomerhalder

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Are you as excited about this bourbon as me?! Let us know in the comments below!

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