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Mother Who Is Deaf Creates Visible Masks For People Who Lipread

Now that the CDC is recommending we wear face masks, tons of crafty people have quickly stepped up to create reusable cloth face masks.

While these are great, there's a major issue—many people who are deaf rely on lip reading, which can't be seen with fabric that completely covers the face.

One mother who is deaf found a clever way to solve the issue.

Justine Bate and her daughter, Teona, are both deaf, and when the popularity of wearing face masks surged, she quickly became aware of a major problem this posed for many people, herself and her daughter included, who rely on reading lips.

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So, she took matters into her own hands.

She created her own face masks that have a clear plastic window to expose someone's mouth.

Facebook | Justine DB

In a public Facebook post, she wrote, "Myself and my daughter are deaf, we rely heavily on lip reading, I’ve made this Visible Mask for the deaf, lipreaders and or those whose work for / with the deaf or those love to smile!"

She's selling the masks for £5.99 each, which converts to just over $7 USD.

Here it is in action.

Facebook | Justine DB

Speaking with the Daily Mail, Justine's husband, Carl, said that it took several attempts to ensure the covering was not too thick, but still effective.

On Facebook, Justine shared that the masks are also machine washable, but to use a low spin setting.

The only downside is that these masks can't be made with a filter as it would cover the plastic and defeat the purpose, but the benefits definitely outweigh this caveat.

Some people have also expressed their concern about how fog and condensation could build up and defeat the purpose of the mask, but Justine's husband, Carl, assures that the condensation doesn't last long enough to impair any lip reading.

Regardless, Justine has received much praise and attention from plenty of people and organizations.

"She's loving the fact that she's helping others make a better quality of life in this situation."

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