15+ Moments That Made Us Go 'Too Little Too Late'

There is nothing quite like the feeling of looking at something that has just happened and thinking, "Well, there's nothing I can do to fix that now!" It is an important, and incredibly annoying, part of being human.

So, please grab yourself a cuppa and get ready to bask in other people's misfortune with these 15+ people who said, "It's too late now!"

"The State Department nailed my girlfriend's passport!"

Reddit | reece1

And I thought that my passport photo was bad! Good lord, she is going to be cursing that for a long time as well!

"The X-Mas cakes just arrived... a little late, thanks post office!"

Reddit | Sn4p77

If they were left in transit any longer, I think they may have evolved into a small folk band that would have been able to serenade you when you opened the box.

"Some moms never think it's too late for baby pics."

Reddit | nomemesguey

It might not be too late for baby pictures, and I can only hope it's not too late for this guy to start liking a beer that doesn't taste like crap!

"Live. Local. Late Braking."

Reddit | YouRebelScumGuy said it! It must be a really boring town if they're having to create the stories themselves!

"Are you missing Underwear?"

Reddit | benji

Can you imagine if all of those socks and undergarments belonged to you? You'd have thought that you were going insane!

"Currently Africa by Toto is winning for our graduation song and someone doesn't approve."

Reddit | RiverDigger

Judging by how passionate the person who wants "Africa" by Toto is, my money is solidly on them winning!

"I bought my grandad a HUGE tub of his favourite chocolates and he emailed me this photo to tell me that he had finally finished them."

Reddit | salsachops

If he had thought to email a little earlier, then he could have had more sweets! Hopefully, this granddad learned a valuable lesson here!

"I hope I'm not too late!"

Reddit | Rage-o-rama

I was also worried that I had waited too long to disappoint my parents, so I started playing D&D. It has a similar effect.

"You know you're at work too late when this pops up on your screen..."

Reddit | nagsy

The sentiment behind the message is quite nice, however, I dread to think how much work has been lost as a result of this. I mean, they didn't give them long to save!

"I was running late for work today, so my Dad packed my lunch."

Reddit | RayWonder

"Hmmm, what does she like? Tuna? Oh, wait, it's cat food. Ah, what the hell, it sounds nice actually!"

"My dog was extremely tired, but just HAD to follow me into the bathroom in the middle of the night."

Reddit | [Deleted]

This little fella seems to be saying, "It's too late now" in a much more literal sense to everyone else on this list. However, it could be my favorite one!

"Housemate put this sign on our door after Amazon repeatedly posted 'sorry we missed you' cards whilst we were home."

Reddit | MacronX

As someone who has spent a lot of time arguing with delivery guys, there is nothing you can do to incentivize the lazy ones. And provoking them only leads to ruined packages.

"Am I late or early?"

Reddit | Chrisortiz

I think that you're going to be in a constant state of late and early until you complete your time machine? It's all wibbly wobbly, timey wimey stuff!

"My wife said when I pass she would go the extra mile to give me the burial I deserve..."

Reddit | fangojett6

I mean, at the point of being dead, I don't think I'll really care about where I end up! Just pop me out in the bins.

"When you're late for work and forget to feed the king."

Reddit | Resieh

Even if you go back in and feed him now, you know that he is never going to forget this. You're going to be making up for this injustice for the rest of his life!

"Farewell party takes a surprising turn after bakery misses a word!"

Reddit | n88austin

Good Lord, of all of the words to miss out on that cake, that is probably the worst one! Nope, actually, it is definitely the worst one!

"My wife was mad that our youngest broke her rocking horse Christmas ornament. I think it looks fabulous!"

Reddit | manix_maximus

I know that the instinct will be to fix it, but you cannot. He has a new lease on life and it is too late to make him go back to his old ways!

"I guess the breakroom has been on the warm side lately."

Reddit | allegedly_grapes

I hate it when people have the thermostat on even a single degree too high! Oh, God, I have become my father... It's too late for me now, the transformation has already begun!

"This sign on a vending machine at my work."

Reddit | AlphaOmniWolf

You can just picture a government official sweating through his gray, washed-out suit at the prospect of being asked this question.

"Someone needs to find a new pooping spot."

Reddit | narglehunter

If that many people have had to complain about this man's pooping, I'm assuming that the damage has already been done at this point!

"Can't argue with that.."

Reddit | davincivb6

Although, I can confirm that larping and D&D are still more effective ways to disappoint your father!

"I took a picture of the moment my two kids realised all the donuts at the party had been eaten while they were off playing on the swings."

Reddit | sahie

Oh dear, just look at the expression of sorrow on their little faces. No amount of tears is going to bring those donuts back, boys!

"A guy purchased a watermelon during a train stop and didn't realize it didn't fit through the bars."

Reddit | SluggishStudent

"You sure you want this watermelon?"

"Yes! Quick, hand it over, the train is leaving!"

"I really think you should come out and get it."

"Just give it to me! Oh...crap."

"Destroying the planet one step at a time!"

Reddit | kiddsky

Yeah, I think that we have pretty much done most of the irreversible damage already really. Still, gotta try and hope we can change though, eh? Wow, what a bum note to end this on, ha!


Reddit | timothybhewitt

You know what I don't get, being serious for the time being, is where people get the time to do this kind of stuff? Like, seriously, I love it and all but I just wouldn't have the time!

"Max must NOT be allowed in the library."

Reddit | TheLoserCrowd

Look, if Max is cute and adorable, then people are going to let him in, regardless of what any sign says!

"It's been a stealthy three months!"

Reddit | stomehouse

I'm assuming, however, that due to this idea going viral, she has since rumbled you!

Too Late...

Reddit | RealPrincessPrincess

I dread to think what the punishment is for having read this sign! I am now just sitting here waiting for an elderly man in dungarees to knock on my door and tell me off.

"Housekeeping at my friend's office missed a dead cricket. It has since snowballed into a full-on memorial."

Reddit | Alex_Pee_Keaton

Bugs aren't often cared for like this, so it's nice to see one getting a proper ceremony. May he ascend to bug heaven.

"I work nights. This is the look I get when I turn the lights on in my bedroom when I get home at 3am after work."

Reddit | anchorless

I can't tell if this is a look of anger due to you waking her up, or if she's trying to express excitement while barely awake. Either way, not totally welcoming.

"Got a new selfie stick."

Reddit | BreadOnFire

I'm not sure if that's — I mean, yeah, looks great, man. Your selfie game is improving already.

"Looked up from my breakfast to this."

Reddit | Dinosaurlover1

This cow definitely saw you eating bacon. That isn't beef, sure, but it will stand up for its piggy friends and punish those who disrespect them.

"I was wrestling with my dog and forgot that he never misses an opportunity to eat."

Reddit | Draxan

You did it, you fell right into his trap. Fake 'em out by pretending to play, then strike when the opportunity arises! Now your cereal is his!

"The shop I work at has had some theft problems lately."

Reddit | Freedo720

This is beyond loss prevention and the police. Any shoplifter has committed a personal attack and will be dealt with accordingly.

"My friend asked me to take a picture once he finished his card tower. Needless to say, but I may have been a second too late."

Reddit | leuan1996

Seems to me like you took it at the perfect time. Anyone can make a card tower, not everyone can pull this timing off.

"My dog is missing a leg so I made her a new one!"

Reddit | kelswii

The dog is looking at the camera like, "Again? I told you, the leg isn't coming back, and I'm fine with that! You need to be too!"

"My neighbor has a turbine with a bad bearing. It's obnoxiously loud. He went to go check it out because it's been real quiet lately."

Reddit | makenzie71

I'm sure there's a story as to how this happened, but I can't figure out how or why. At least it fixed the noise?

"Just got my Christmas gift from my grandparents. I'm 31."

Reddit | man_moving_forward

And? That's a killer gift. A bunch of socks, free mac and cheese, a cool cup, and then some? It's everything I've ever wanted.

"This is what my grandparents have started putting on their front door."

Reddit | jabfo43

If I've learned anything from growing up in the suburbs where door knockers were common, it's that they don't know how to read, so I'm not sure how effective this will be.

"Anti-smoking ad accidentally recommends quitting the wrong thing."

Reddit | MattySadowski

There are so many different vibes going on here. The words say quit school, the ad is for quitting smoking, but the model looks like an athlete in a gym ad. What am I supposed to think?

"Told my class I was being observed today and not to be tardy. A student walked in late and handed me this."

Reddit | phatalber1000

This is when you nod and say, "Thank you for the explanation, we'll talk about this after class," all seriously.

"For a coworker that quit, came back, and now quit again."

Reddit | SkyeEDEMT

Hey, this is on her. She deserves to be bullied. You all gave her a second chance and she squandered it. Have fun at another new job, traitor.

"Any one from Amazon missing a glove?"

Reddit | nickram81

How many of his coworkers do you reckon he accused of stealing it before he realized he had lost it?

"Originally said 'Have we seen your cat lately' then a comedic genius found it."

Reddit | Twocuts

This is a bad day for anyone named Shelley who has cats. But hey, circle of life and all that...right?

"We're a little [past] that now..."

Reddit | g4r4e0g

It's never too late to be safe! I mean, you could always have another unexpected child after all!