10+ Characters Fans Hated By The End Of The Show

When it comes to TV villains, there are many that stand out in an instant: Joffrey Baratheon from Game of Thrones, Georgina Sparks from Gossip Girl, and Negan from The Walking Dead.

But then, there are some TV characters that might as well be considered wolves in sheep's' clothing.

In other words, they started out okay at the beginning, but were hated by fans at the end.

1. Jenny Humphrey from *Gossip Girl*

Oh, boy. Where do we even begin with little Jenny Humphrey?

She was so young and innocent in the beginning, but as soon as she set her eyes on climbing the social ladder at school, things changed.

Even after she became popular, nothing was ever good enough for her.

If she was unhappy and miserable, that meant that everyone else had to be, too. In the end, she ended up trying to sabotage the relationships of those closest to her.

This meant Nate and Serena and Chuck and Blair. So when she left town, no wonder everyone was excited.

2. Rory Gilmore from *Gilmore Girls*


With a loveable mom like Lorelai Gilmore, it was hard not to love her offspring, too. At the beginning of the show, Rory was smart, witty, and on the path to greatness.

But instead of getting wiser as she got older, she started making some questionable choices. We're talking having an affair with Dean, stealing a boat, and dropping out of Yale.

When the *Gilmore Girls* revival hit Netflix, fans were so excited to see what Rory had been up to.

Sadly, they were soon let down once it was clear that Rory was still making bad choices.

In addition to having no real career direction, she was having an affair with Logan, lying to her mom, and treating her current bf like crap.

We expected more from Rory!

3. Rachel Berry from *Glee*


"In the first few seasons she was almost cartoonishly selfish but in a funny way. The good thing was that she was becoming a better person and I was genuinely rooting for her. Then Season 5 happened, in which she got so mad at Santana for daring to audition to be her understudy in Funny Girl that she actually hit her, and moved out of their apartment." —eclipsecat14

4. Frankie from *Grace and Frankie*

Her quirkiness was what made her so likable in the beginning. This was especially the case when she was able to help soften the rigidness of Grace.

But as Grace's character developed, Frankie sadly stayed the same. This meant that she still threw tantrums over stupid stuff.

5. Leonard Hofstader from *The Big Bang Theory*

Everyone loves an underdog!

That was Leonard, the nerdy guy who just wanted a chance at Penny, the gorgeous girl-next-door (both literally and figuratively).

But as the show went on, he became similar to all the other jerks Penny had dated. He was also really meant to Sheldon sometimes.

6. Fiona Gallagher from *Shameless*


"At the beginning she was a [expletive] who took care of her family through tough times and held it together for the Gallagher's. She started making bad choices in the middle seasons, and by the end of her arc she was a complete mess and blamed everyone else for her mistakes. By the time she left I hated the character." —nadiaclairedev

7. Andy Bernard from *The Office*

Andy was fine before Michael left the show. But when that happened, he had some big shoes to fill.

He ended up being too cartoonish a character for his antics to be funny all of the time.

In the end, he just came off as annoying.

We also can't forget the major character change he went through in Season 8.


After getting rehired by David Wallace and going on a confidence retreat, he returned to work as a jerk who treated everyone (including his girlfriend, Erin) poorly.

8. Serena van der Woodsen from *Gossip Girl*


We were rooting for you, Serena! In the beginning, she was so likable.

She was gorgeous, down-to-earth, and so different from the other pretentious people on the show (ahem, Blair in most of the early seasons).

But soon, her choices became more and more bizarre.

She filmed her and Dan having you-know-what to make Blair jealous and she was a terrible best friend to Blair by sleeping with two of her ex-boyfriends.

Let's be real, she also totally married her stalker.

9. Dean Forester from *Gilmore Girls*

The WB

"He seemed like the perfect first boyfriend who was so kind and supportive. I was Team Dean 100%. But right before he and Rory broke up, and especially while he was cheating on Lindsay with Rory, I hated his character. He was manipulative, mean, and treated Rory terribly." —warmheartsclubb

10. Will Schuester from *Glee*

"At first I thought he was such a kind teacher! But as the show progressed he got worse and worse. From trying to force Emma out of her relationship, to preventing a trans student from using the bathroom of their preferred gender, to twerking to an inappropriate song with his underage students. I swear, watching the final seasons was like watching my childhood burn around me." —broadwayismymiddlename

11. Joey from *Friends*

Now, hear us out on this. Joey is — and will always be — one of the best characters in Friends.

However, by the end of the series, the writers took the whole "dumb" thing to a new level. He couldn't even repeat French words properly...

12. Alex Karev from *Grey's Anatomy*


"Years and years of character development down the drain with a few lines. He went back to Izzie after YEARS of growing after what she did to him??? And after she apparently hid his kids from him for YEARS??? Come on. I hate him for that." —mishaleister

13. Elena Gilbert from *The Vampire Diaries*


"I started the show absolutely loving her and feeling sorry for everything that she had been through. My dislike started to mount around Season 3 and my pure burning hatred hit towards the end. With Damon, Elena became a whiny, narcissistic and hypocritical character with no complexities or depth. The fact that the show became 100 times better when they started focusing on everyone else speaks for itself." —nadiaclairedev

14. Carrie Bradshaw from *Sex and the City*


For someone who was a dating and sex expert, she sure made a lot of mistakes.

As time went on, the mistakes piled on. She cheated on Aiden with Big and came off as self-centered when it came to her friends.

15. Olivia Pope from *Scandal*


"At the beginning she was an independent, scotch-loving, and tough-but-good friend. Then she became petty, insecure, and superficial. There was even an episode where she was upset that a bartender was prettier than her." —dellarock