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'Bar In A Jar' Mason Jar Gifts Are Perfect For People Who Miss The Bar

There's no doubt the coronavirus pandemic has rocked many routines in our lives, one being going out for a casual drink after work or on a Friday night. After so many long months inside, states around the country are starting to reopen restaurants and bars with new social distancing rules in place to ensure everyone's safety.

If you know someone who's celebrating something big, but can't head to a bar to celebrate, bring the bar to them with a "bar in a jar" gift!

I know mason jar gifts can seem cheesy and cheap to some, but that's totally not the case when it's filled with an array of mini alcohol bottles.

The Shabby Creek Cottage

Any alcohol-drinking folk would light up seeing a gift like this.

They're so easy to make, too.

Etsy | KylerDesigns

All you have to do is fill a large mason jar, or any jar, with mini bottles of a bunch of different spirits, and that's it!

You can also bring the whole bar theme together by placing a fun bar decal on the lid of the jar, which you can find from Etsy seller KylerDesigns.

If you know exactly what someone likes, then you could also fill the jar based on a theme.

Instagram | @boozekays

This tropical-themed jar is perfect for summer!

If they have a favorite drink, you could also make a cocktail jar filled with everything they'll need to make the perfect drink.

Ms Rachel Hollis

Rachel Hollis' Moscow Mule jar is adorable, and her tutorial has some great finishing touch ideas to complete any gift jar.

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