10+ Rose Varieties That Smell As Sweet As They Look

If you're one of those people who loves to wake up in the morning and smell the roses, I've got good news for you.

There are varieties of gorgeous roses you can plant in your garden that will create a sweet aroma throughout your surroundings. These roses are not only beautiful to look at but they're also super fragrant.

1. 'Just Joey' Rose


You'll fall in love with this pretty blend of pale apricot and glowing orange flower. But its the scent that will keep you coming for more. It will entice you with its fruity fragrance all summer.

2. 'Radiant Perfume' Rose


Talk about making a statement with this rich, yellow-hued rose. Not only will it be a showstopper in any garden you'll adore its intense citrus aroma. I think everybody will envy your garden with this beauty.

3. 'Mister Lincoln' Rose


Apparently this gorgeous red rose has been gardeners' favorite since it was created in 1965. It has set high standards for red roses — not only for its velvety red color but also for its fragrant aroma.

4. 'Madame Alfred Carriere' Rose


If you're a fan of white roses, which I have to say I am, you'll love this one. Its blush and white flowers are accented by a unique spicy-sweet scent. That's pretty irresistible if you ask me.

5. 'Louise Odier' Rose


You will be hard-pressed to dislike this beautiful bright pink summer rose. Since its introduction back in 1851, it's been a favorite because of its strength as a cut flower. It also has an intense, sweet fragrance.

6. 'Heritage' Rose


This quintessential 'English rose' blooms with soft pink flowers that will be hard to resist, as is the case with its scent reminiscent of sweet lemons. The delicate yet disease-resistant rose is fabulous in flower arrangements.

7. 'Honey Perfume' Rose


This award-winning beauty has gotten all the praise for a reason. Its apricot-yellow hued blooms appear in clusters. You'll be amazed by its scent mixture of cloves, cinnamon, allspice, and nutmeg. Wow, sounds absolutely amazing.

8. 'Autumn Damask' Rose


Can you believe that this repeat blooming rose has been around since the 1500s? That's quite the record. It's actually a favorite of the perfume industry because of its intense fragrance. And it's gorgeous to boot.

9. 'Madame Plantier' Rose


This amazing rose that has been around since 1835 has definitely stood the test of time. It must be its sheer beauty of white petals combined with its sweet fragrance. You'll come back for another sniff.

10. 'Gertrude Jekyll' Rose


This easily grown beauty can be maintained as a tall shrub. It can climb up to 10 feet. So if you're looking for a climbing rose, this is it. It emits a beautiful antique rose fragrance.

11. 'Fragrant Cloud' Rose


This beauty with big coral-red blooms has been voted into the Rose Hall of Fame by none other than the World Federation of Rose Societies. It's probably because of its citrus, spice, and fruit fragrance.

12. 'Fragrant Plum' Rose

Instagram | @nancylovesnature

This Grandiflora rose is easily recognizable by its double four-inch blooms. And of course, the unique lavender petals that turn darker purple color at its edges. You'll absolutely love the rich plum-like scent it emits, too.

13. 'Double Delight' Rose

Instagram | @lyuskv

This beauty is one of the most distinct hybrid tea roses. You can easily recognize it by its creamy white flowers with rich, cherry-red edges. The color will deepen as the flower ages. What a stunner.

Oh my, I knew there were many different rose varieties but I had no idea there were so many beautifully scented ones.

If you ever needed convincing whether you should add roses to your garden, I think this solves that dilemma.